Friday, March 31, 2006

Kitten with Rectal Prolapse: Velvet

4.30pm - Very heavy rain! Am worried whether I'll be able to trap Velvet, the black kitten Aunty Lucy mentioned about having sore bottom. Hope the rain stop soon.

5.30pm - Left home with the carrier. Rain has subsided quite a bit.

6.00pm - Drizzling in town area. Met Aunty Lucy and waited for her to feed Toffee and Orange-Boy. Still no sign of Mocha. Lots of mosquitoes lurking around. I'm bitten all over!

6.15pm - Saw Velvet! Very thin looking black kitty (about a foot long). Pretty drenched from the rain and very hungry. Soreness is limited to the anus area and not the whole bottom as I imagined. Some tissues with slight tinge of blood bulging out.

7.00pm - Finally got a cab after a long wait. Velvet was surprisingly super quiet throughout the whole journey.

7.30pm - Arrived at clinic and met Eunice who's there to collect Syl after his sterilisation. Befriended Katerina who found a 3 weeks old tabby boy. Katerina wouldn't be able to keep tabby kitten with her as she'll be leaving Singapore end of the year. She hopes to find a good home for tabby boy before she leaves. Also chatted with a british lady with her very lovely cat, Buffy who's going for her vaccination. Buffy suffered from a fractured spine before and couldn't walk for three months. She's now fully recovered under TLC from owner (Shame to note previous vet she saw advised her to euthanise Buffy!). A Japanese lady and her two young daughters sobbed very hard after one of their bunnies stopped breathing and died. I felt very sad for them too.

9.00pm - Velvet's turn to see the vet finally, after waiting for very long. Velvet must be really freaked out as he escaped thrice from Dr Wong. Diagnosis: Rectal Prolapse (Protruding rectum). Dr Wong estimated the total cost to hover around the region of $300, inclusive of a 5-days hospitalisation. Good grief! Dr Wong reminded me that maggots may start infesting the affected area and may be life threatening if left untreated. What was I to do? I can't leave Velvet to suffer to save the $300 so I agreed. I was asked to place a deposit of $100 and to collect Velvet in 5 days' time. Sigh.

Notice the red bulge behind Velvet's back? It's his displaced rectum.

Here are some info on Velvet's condition:

A rectal prolapse is the extrusion (pushing out) of the inner layers of the rectum through the anus. It is often a result of straining to defecate, urinate, or give birth. Diseases causing straining in a kitten, such as constipation, parasites, or diarrhea, may cause a displacement or protrusion of the rectum. Cats straining to urinate because of urinary infections or other urinary disease may cause the rectum to prolapse. The condition may also occur in a female cat during a difficult birth. The rectum will appear as a reddened "sausage-like" protrusion from the anus. The prolapsed rectum may extend 1/2 to several inches from the body.

What are the symptoms?
A visual inspection and notation of a reddened 'sausage or doughnut-like' mass protruding from the anus provides a diagnosis of rectal prolapse.

What are the risks?
Left untreated, a cat will be unable to eliminate stool from the anus. As a result, severe illness will develop, followed within several days, by death. The extruded portion of the anus can also be abraded or injured.

What is the management?
It is of paramount importance to identify the underlying cause of a rectal prolapse. Does the cat have diarrhea or constipation, and if so, why? These problems, if present, must be corrected. Many cases of rectal prolapse can be manually replaced. Sutures may need to be placed into the anus to restrict the anal opening and prevent another prolapse. In severe instances in which the prolapsed rectal tissue become traumatized, the damaged rectal tissue may need to be surgically repaired or removed by a veterinarian.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Black kitten with sore bottom

7.20pm - Received a call from Aunty Lucy. I thought there's news on Mocha but no, she said a black kitten she has been feeding has been having this reddish sore bottom for a few days already. It is still eating well but is starting to limp in its hindlegs. Now this reminds me of someone...Tango, only he did not have sore backside. Hmm. Wonder what's wrong with the black kitten. Aunty Lucy asked if I will help her bring the kitten to see a vet. I told her I will but will need to make some arrangement as I'm on leave this week to study for an exam due next week.

10.30pm - Been doing a little research over the internet. Sore bottom could indicate diarrhoea. Maybe black kitty has diarrhoea...? If it is, hope it's not dehydrated! I'll have to squeeze some time out to bring it to the vet tomorrow, can't wait.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No sign of Maomao last night but I did see her that morning - hope she's ok. Very paranoid!

Pixie will be going to her new home by this week. I know I'm supposed to be happy for little Pix now that she has a place to call home but I'm also feeling sad because I will not get to see her as often. Nevertheless the fact that she needs not wander on the streets anymore gives me lots of consolation and comfort. She'll also have a little friend, Oreo to play with. I'm thankful to Esther for allowing Pix to be part of her life. I know the moment to part will be a very emotional one but I will be strong.

Saw unsterilised ginger male (I will name him Tubbs) last night again. He was on the verge of starting a fight with Belle. I tried luring Belle away with food but she wouldn't give a damn. Ha. I tried on Tubbs and guess what, he followed me! Fed him a wet whiskas pack and Belle disappeared into the darkness before I could feed her. Guess I'll need to have them sterilised soon too before my blk gets over-populated.

Meiji's Sweet Adventure

I was at Meiji's Sweet Adventure last Fri. They have this "open house retail" every Fri from 12noon - 3pm at 36 Quality Road. The price is not much of a big difference but it is more of the thrill of shopping for "everything Meiji". However, they do offer lower prices for products nearing expiry date.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Trapping @ Maxwell Rd area

Understand from Rose (who left a comment on my blog) that there were some trappings conducted where we work lately (URA Centre, MND Complex). Now that she mentioned this - I thought of something - Mocha could have been trapped! She was the friendliest resident at Robinson Green so naturally the easiest target but, she's already sterilised, why the need to have her rounded up? Besides, there's no residential area near the park so I wonder who the heck is annoyed with her presence. Like Maomao, Mocha has quite a few fans of her own, one of whom is Shanti. I happened to meet her on my way to office this morning and told her about Mocha's disappearance. I've asked her to help watch out for Mocha and to let me know immediatey if she sees her so I can revert to the extremely devastated Aunty Lucy. I had better call the AVA asap, just in case my suspicion is accurate!!! Gosh.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Still no sign of Mocha

There's still no sign of Mocha until today.

Aunty Lucy called last evening again to check if I have better luck than her. She was disappointed to receive a negative response and lamented "Hai. She must be dead lor. If not, why is she not around? So many days never eat already not hungry meh? Or maybe she knocked down by car? Very heart pain leh."

*SIGH* I told her I will check with the sweeper the next time I see him. Maybe he will have some news. "Ya lor ya lor, you ask him ok, then update me." Aunty Lucy said with a tinge of hope.

I guess knowing what happened (even if Mocha's dead) is better than not knowing what has happened. I'm now going through the same feelings when I first lost Cotton - until now, I'm still not sure if she's alive.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cats behind temple

There are quite a number of community cats where I work. Most are congregated near Amoy Hawker Centre, Siang Cho Keong Temple & Ann Siang Hill area. Sad thing is, most are unsterilised. This pic was taken in the evening behind the temple. The three pairs of green eyes belong to a mummy cat and her two kittens (mummy's on the bottom right). One of her kids was lying on top of her - so cute.

Mocha is missing!

Manja Mocha

I received a call from a very worried Aunty Lucy two days ago - she has not seen Mocha for one whole week! She sounded like she was almost in tears and confided in me that she fears for the cat's safety. "She could be trapped somewhere! It's not like her to disappear. She'll wait for me every evening by the bench for dinner." she said sadly.

Left: Toffee, Right: Mocha

Aunty Lucy feeding the girls

Thinking back, I last saw Mocha on Mon, 13 Mar and have not seen her since. Hmm. I agree it's unusual for her to go missing for such a long period. She's at the park (Robinson Green Park along Cecil Street) everyday. I tried looking for her last evening and this morning - no sign. The other resident cats, Toffee and Orange-Boy were around. Hope Mocha's safe and sound. I hate it when they disappear suddenly. I'll look for her again later after work.

Friday, March 17, 2006

This is Toffee curled up under the tree, fast asleep while the humans are in morning rush.

Pic taken on 13 Mar

While Toffee's snoozing in dreamland, Mocha's wide awake and asking me for breakfast.

Pic taken on 13 Mar

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Maomao is one lucky cat. She has so many admirers at my blk. 2nd floor of middle blk, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 7th floor (that's me!) of corner blk. There may be more.

I was playing with her last night after her dinner when I met Uncle Osman (3rd floor of corner blk) and we chatted. Then a pair of middle-age chinese couple went into the lift and Maomao promptly got up and enter the lift as well! The couple explained, "She's the 2nd floor cat". Ooo. Me and Uncle Osman decided to kpo. We took the lift up to 2nd floor and found Maomao strolling along the corridor. Uncle Osman called out to her and she came strutting into the lift. Then they got out together on the 3rd floor. Uncle Osman said he'll bring her down later.


Pixie has this habit of crying once I head for the lift. She probably hates the idea of me leaving her alone. Pains me to hear her do that. She and Cinder are not as lucky as Maomao. They only have my love.



Managed also to feed Belle though she's still very nervous but allowed me to get closer than before. She's about 1.5 size smaller than Maomao and looks rather like her, except Maomao's prettier.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm back!

I've not been blogging since Tango's passing away. I was grieving over his sudden departure and just don't feel like writing. Now, I've come to terms that my little Tango will never be back...I will keep him in my heart forever. Big thank you to all the nice guys and gals who gave words of comfort during that difficult period. Life is now back to normal.

I recently started noticing an unsterilised male ginger cat I've never seen before loitering at my block. I keep thinking this - could he be Tango's dad? Hmm. This morning on my way to the bus stop, I saw the same ginger cat lying close to Maomao. Maomao greeted me as usual and showered me with her daily dose of affection. This ginger cat came up as well and the two cats started scolding each other while I looked on, praying hard that the quarrel does not progress to a fight. Well, luckily not. I now have two sterilised cats and three unsterilised cats at my block. More and more cats! Whoa.

Isn't Maomao a beautiful cat? She recently licked me on my hand! Isn't she sweet? I never knew cats lick to show affection too.

As for Pixie, she's still there and I hope she remains there safely till she goes to her new home. Someone staying at the block likes to throw water down to scare the cats when the cats start making noises. Pixie got quite wet once from the water attack when she and Maomao quarrelled. Whoever threw the water was so damn mean! I've seen it happened a few times already. Maybe I should complain to the Town Council!

Pixie feeling pissed off and sulking away after being thrown water at.

Cinder with wounds on his backside. Wonder how he got it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

In memory of Tango (2006)

I just received sad news that my little Tango has passed away.

The malay family sent her to the vet last night and was informed he has only 50% chance of survival due to a serious spinal condition. They thought they still had a few days with him. Never did they expect Tango to leave so soon.

Tango's passing away is too sudden - my heart aches terribly now. My only consolation is that he passed away in a loving home and not on the cold streets.

This clip is specially dedicated to brave little Tango:

Thank you Mona for wanting to give Tango a good home.

Rest in peace Tango. You'll be dearly missed. Love you forever.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tango: Can somebody help me?

On my way home this evening, I found a malay aunty and her daughter feeding a very hungry young and skinny ginger kitten (I've decided to name her "Tango"). I was told one of her hind legs is injured. They were right - Tango moves around by dragging the bad leg with her three better ones and is slow in mobility. Pitiful sight. She can never run in time if a car reverse towards her. I knew that moment I couldn't not help Tango.

Note the left hind leg

I asked if they can keep her but was told they can't as they already have three hostile cats at home and their neighbour is already very unhappy. I could understand their predicament. They were at least kind enough to bother feeding her. My home is not an option for caring an injured kitten as I have two doggies (one of which is very active). After much persuading, mother and daughter (very kind young lady) agreed to help me look after her for only two days, however, Tango has to be confined to a cage outside their flat (I mentioned earlier her cats are hostile). I've requested for the cage be sheltered from heat and cold by using towels. Good to note the cage was spacious enough for Tango. At least for tonight, Tango sleeps safe. I cannot bear leaving this little one in her condition on the streets, it's against my conscience. I will arrange for her to see a vet asap. Tango's situation now warrants a much higher priority for a foster home than Pixie.

I have only two days to act - can somebody help? Write me at or call me @ 97670958.

Man jailed 3 months for torturing kitten till its eye protruded

I was bursting with absolute anger after reading the above article on The Straits Time this morning.

Hell, how could this moron do this to such a young kitten?! What did the kitten do to deserve such cruel treatment? Can't imagine the sufferings the kitty has to go through...the injury must be so bad she has to be put to heartbreaking, so sad.

3 months of imprisonment is too light a penalty! He deserved to squat in there longer!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Words cannot describe the happiness within me to find Pixie waiting quietly by the side of the blk this evening. She was watching passer-bys go by. I know she was waiting for me and I could tell she was very happy when she saw me approaching. Maomao happened to appear at the same time and Pixie hissed gently - guess she didn't like to be disturbed during this precious few minutes she has with me. I had to reassure her by petting her and Maomao at the same time. I told her Maomao is a friend and they should protect each other. Pixie seemed to understand and appeared slightly friendlier. I was able to feed them both together!

Earlier, when I was heading home from the supermarket, I happened to see Hazel. I have not seen her for quite a while! She was lying contentedly next to a motorcycle and looked liked she has grown quite a bit. Geraldine must be doing a great job looking after her. I smiled at Hazel but am not sure if she returned my smile as it was rather dark.

I hope these girls will remain safe and sound. I'm hoping to have Pixie adopted to good home but meanwhile I wish people could be kinder to them and let them live out the rest of their lives in peace.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pixie is "home"

I released Pixie at 5.30pm today at her usual hangout. She was a little hesitant to emerge from the carrier initially but still did after a minute or two. Strangely, she seemed a little lost - hope she remembers the place. She stayed closed to me for the next 15 minutes while I whispered in her ears to take care of herself and to run for her life should the pest control people come. Fed Pixie her dinner, loitered for a little longer and left reluctantly with an aching heart. Sigh. I hope Pixie settles down soon into her once familiar "home". Will continue monitoring and feeding her. May she be free from the evil clutches of the pest control morons.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

TNRM Workshop

We had the TNRM workshop as scheduled today. I had the pleasure to meet Dawn, Jolanda and Rebecca of Cat Welfare Society as well as fellow cat lovers cum caregivers. 5-Cat StyIe came as well! I strongly believe that if all who care for the welfare of community cats come together and unite with commitment, we'll be able to speak up for the cats. Unity is strength.

Pixie is sterilised

As scheduled, I had Pixie picked up from the vet on Fri morning. Good to note she was transferred to a bigger confinement area after surgery as the carrier she was brought in with was not exactly spacious. My intent to foot the bill was unexpectedly declined as the booking was made under vegancat's name (despite my numerous explanation I was merely borrowing his slots). Instead of haggling over this and extend Pixie's discomfort in the carrier, I decided to just leave it and head home. I will arrange to settle Pixie's portion of bill with vegancat separately.

I had Pixie settle down in one of the vacant bedrooms with water and a cat litter box. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that she actually knew where to relieve herself. Fed her some food which she didn't finished. As I excused myself and closed the door to the room, Pixie started to cry loudly, as if to tell me not to leave her alone. However, she quieten down after a while and I assumed she went to sleep. Her appetite improved on her second feeding - good sign. I made it a point to visit her once every two hours to make sure she was ok.

Pixie found an old damaged velvety chair as her resting spot which also doubled up as her scratching post. In just a day's time, she eventually got used and so comfortable in the room she didn't really want to come out at all! Ha.

She's due to be released on Sun afternoon. I'm a little sad she has to wander in the streets once more but at least, she's now sterilised. Will continue feeding her and at the same time, I pray hard her fate would not be like one of Cotton's.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pixie: Trapping Successful!


Trapping Pixie was a breeze last evening - she was in the carrier in under 30 seconds. She's such a great girl, so cooperative but did cry pitifully and loudly when she finally realised she wasn't going to be let out of the carrier. I kept apologising to the cabby for her loud protests and managed to rush her to the vet by 8.20pm. Met Vegancat and Carol there - they had with them a younger cat (than Pixie). Vegancat said he'll pick his cat on coming Monday if it's a female. I'll probably pick Pixie up on Friday morning.

When I got back, I went hunting for Maomao and Cinder. Cinder was the first to appear but was disturbed when Maomao appeared 2 minutes later. Cinder gave a hiss and sprang off to the block behind. Maomao then took over Cinder's dinner.


I went to the block where Cinder escaped to and fed her dinner. She apparently still feels uncomfortable and kept peeking up once every few seconds, probably to ensure that Maomao wasn't anywhere near. Poor girl - she must be a very insecure-feeling kitty. I have this feeling that Cinder is the sibling of Buttons (who is now at MettaCats). Sadly, their mummy, Pebbles is gone, possibly rounded up together with Sootie (Buttons and Cinder's daddy) and Cotton.