Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey hey!

Dear all, I am now in Copenhagen and now you know why you have not been hearing from me the past week. I am here for a training and extended a few days for some tours. I almost died on the plane for the flight is a scary 15 hours. So hard to pass time. Weather here is cold - 7 degrees celsius today. Freezing...brrr. And I feel so very proud when I hear how impressive the Danes (and a couple of others from elsewhere) were about SIA. One told me he loves flying SIA and looked forward to flying SIA. Whoa.

Some quick updates for you - Maomao has been officially discharged from the vet on Oct 22, Sun, afternoon - the same day I departed Singapore for Copenhagen. When we released her, she was totally and frightfully disorientated. She dashed out of her carrier with her tail hidden between her hind legs to the 4th floor where she defecated. It was so not her! She has never inappropriately defecated in her life. I think she has been away for too long. After a few attempts by myself, Uncle Y and M, she decided to hide in the drains instead and refused to emerge until hours later. I was told she has been making good progress and is adjusting to her old life again. I am so very glad.

I can't wait to get home on Nov 1 - I miss my two doggies and all my kitties. I hope they miss me as much!

Will post a lot of pics of Maomao and Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmo (Sweden) when I get back so stay tune. Ciao!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good news this time!

Thanks to cat_aunty, auntie p, ml, hot(m)bc, bonnie underfoot and everyone who showed concern to Maomao's situation.

Finally, there's some good news. Her collar stayed on for a good 5 days! Yeah!

M's suggestion worked beautifully. When I saw the stubborn cat last night, her wound was healing so gorgeously. She was allowed to roam for 15 minutes outside her "prison" as a reward and she was so happy and kept singing away... however, her hind legs seemed wobbly probably due to the fact that she hasn't really walked around or exercised for such an extended period of time. If she continues to behave, she will get out very soon. I look forward to being able to discharge her by Saturday cos I need to be away on a business trip on Sunday. Please keep your fingers crossed for her. = )

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So are the vets and nurses.

Maomao did it AGAIN today! She ripped her collar off despite having her paws bandaged and elastoplasted. Her wound got so big Dr. H has to re-stitch her. This means, she'll stay longer.

I am going to the vet tonight with Uncle Y to see how we can anti-rip Maomao's collar.

M suggested I first put on a normal cat collar (with normal buckle) then hook the e-collar to the cat collar with ribbons tied with dead knots. This is what she did for her cat who has fits. And the collar stayed on for a good 2 years.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Update: Maomao

Dr. N even plastered the collar but to no avail.

This is bad. Very bad. My poor Maomao has to be hospitalised longer than expected.

She has spent the 17th night at the vet as of today. Dr. N just called me to inform that Maomao has ripped her collar off again (for the third time) and yanked off two of her five stitches (which Dr. N decided to put in the stitches after the second time her collar was ripped off to prevent her open wound from getting bigger). Good grief! We have already tried ways and means to "tighten" the collar but still, Maomao is intelligent enough to figure out how to counter strike. I think Maomao is extremely restless and frustrated after being cooped up day and night for so long. I wish she could be discharged soon.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An update


Pic taken 30 Sep 06

Maomao is still hospitalised to-date. Uncle Y and I hope to be able to discharge her by this weekend, provided Dr. N gives her approval. The void deck seemed so empty without Maomao. Really really miss her. My neighbours keep asking me when the girl is returning "home". I know she feels terrible being confined and worse, having to wear the e-collar. I know she's dying to be back, to return to where she belonged. Hang in there Maomao, you'll be home soon...


Pic taken 30 Sep 06

Tubbs is getting better from his flu. He is looking less sickly and is eating well. Still wheezing a little. Credit goes to M & her fmaily (my kind neighbour on second floor) who has been feeding him medication and administering eye ointment daily for him. Also, I believe the loving cuddles and hugs he received helped in speeding his recovery process. I can tell he miss his friend, Maomao. He'll wait at Maomao's usual hangout on some days and looked sad when he does not see her. Aww.


Miki made some new friends. He now has the company of Koko, an older unsterilised tabby male and recently Tux, a handsome tuxedo male (I think) who appeared from the blk behind mine not long ago. Not sure if Tux is sterilsed or not, have not had the chance to be near him. Koko is very defensive and wary of human so I'm not able to get near him (he'll hiss) as yet. He spots a very long scar on the right of his body, possibly from abuse and hence, I believe contributed to his wariness and distrust in human. However, he is a great friend of Miki and will watch over his younger friend.


Also known as Mi, is getting bolder, especially since Maomao's absence. He is wandering into her territory but I am sure he will not when Maomao is back. Not many can outfight this very tough lady.

MACY (the doggie)

Pic taken 26 Sep 06

Macy has been spotted more frequently than in the past. She has learnt to recognise me, G and Uncle Y. Macy will wag her tail when she sees me but still keeps her distance. I guess it'll take more time for us to be able touch her. We really hope to sterilise her when she is ready. Cas the sweet little young female cat loves chasing after Macy! Macy is so mild that she ran for her life! Hope they become friends.

This is Cas sweetheart