Friday, December 08, 2006

Update: Maomao (or Nana)

So very sorry. I have been so extraordinary busy the moment I came back from Copenhagen. Phew. Now that a major business event is over, I have a little more breathing moments.

Let's start with Maomao or more affectionately known as Nana these days.

Since her discharge from the vet (where she stayed for a good 1 month) on 22 Oct (the same day I departed Singapore), she has been adjusting to her "old self" gradually. Initially, she was so frightened. She dared not emerge from the carrier and when she did, she rushed upstairs and defecate on the 4th floor (unusual of her to do so, she usually defecate on the grasses). No amount of coaxing would make her come down. When we tried to carry her downastairs, she ran up and hid behind the pipe - this happened about 4 times before she decided to seek solace inside the deep drains. We waited for an hour but she stubbornly refused to come out. I had to leave first as I had a flight to catch. Determined Uncle Y waited longer, I think was about 3 hours and to no avail. We even enlisted the help of M, my kindly malay neighbour who love her as much as we do.

Am happy to inform that as at to-date, Maomao is back to normal as the Queen of my area. FYI, Tubbs is the king. Hehe. They are a good-looking couple.

Maomao on 21 Sep 06 with the abscess on her right face.

28 Sep 06.

30 Sep 06.

7 Oct, being very restless and destructive to her collar. Open wound was ruptured a few times.

11 Oct 06. "Will I see the sun again?".

On day of release, 22 Oct 06. Frightened and uncertain.

Hiding behind the water pipe on 4th floor.

Tubbs detected the Queen's return!

6 Nov 06.

8 Nov 06. The king guards while the Queen feasts.

11 Nov 06.

14 Nov 06. The confident Queen once more.

Nana wants to thank all concerned readers. "I am fine now and being taken care of well".