Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cookie and her favourite sleeping poses...

Ashley is missing

Sigh. Been a few days since I last saw Ashley. I'm starting to really miss her though I've only known her for a very short while. I can only pray she's alright and is safe. Wonder what happened.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Was feeding a hungry Pixie last night when I heard cats fighting. Wah. Been a long time since I heard screaming like this. Decided to check out where I thought the sound came from - Cotton's block. By the time I reached the fight scene, the two cats have already dispersed. I found the smaller cat sitting at the stone table, looking forlorn. She appeared friendly and I fed her two whiskas wet packs. I decided to name her Ashley. She drank quite a bit of water - must be thirsty. On closer look, I found a pinkish patch behind one of her ears - should be a result of the fight earlier. My mum told me she saw this young cat hiding up a tree the day before, looking frightened. My guess is that she's a home cat, either abandoned or got lost. I found Ashley at the same stone table this morning on my way out. You know, she has really nice fur, soft and smoky look. Will check on her this evening. Here are some of her pics.

Ashley staring at me. "Yes can I help you?"

Notice the pinkish patch behind the ear?

Very thirsty...

Watcha looking at huh?

Washing herself after dinner.
Aww...so sweet.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What Cats Teach Us...

Received this gorgeous calendar as Christmas gift last year.

A little peace and quiet will calm both you and your soul.

Savor those moments when you can be alone.

You can learn a lot if you keep quiet and listen.

Be proud of your unique attributes.

Stay quietly focused on the task at hand.

Sometimes it's best to hold your tongue.

Be quick to seize opportunity.

Find a special spot and spend a lot of time there.

Even if you know you're superior to everyone in the room, don't gloat.

Stick close to your friends.

Be curious about what's on the other side of the fence, but try to avoid jealousy.

It enhances your reputation if you're a little mysterious.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Get outta here!

Cookie: Hmm. Wonder what's sis doing? Let me go check out.

Cookie: Let me peep...

Cookie: Hey sis, whatcha doing in there? I wanna come in...

Queenie: Hey Cook! Get outta here. This is my space!

Cookie: Nooo! Mummy didn't say it's yours!

Celeste: Girls! Pleassseee!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Found Pixie loitering at the blk next to mine last night when I was trying to get near a new cat (Belle). At first I didn't realised Pixie's existence until she called for me. I brought her back to my blk and fed her. Maomao appeared at the same time and was fed dinner too. Belle is very wary of me - didn't allow me to go near at all. I left the food at a side and she ate when I was at least 15 feet away. Hmm. Wonder where she came from.

Pixie enjoying dinner


Belle checking me out from afar

What a wonderful birthday!

Some wonderful birthday gifts from my very wonderful friends.

Fantastic body moisturiser & hair mask from TNS - Products not tested on animals.

Very adorable Hello Kitty cake.

Doggy magazine... everything woof.

Handy and pretty little tote bag. Meow.

Doggy tee for doggy me!

Oooo i-Dog! Cool.

A nice necklace from Korea.

Chipmunk keychain.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cookie has a new collar!

I was at the SKC Hong Bao Dog Show yesterday. Got for Cookie a very nice Swarovski Crystal-studded pink collar from Puchii Couture at S$36 (U.P. S$45).

Friday, February 10, 2006

Look at my adult teeth!

Cookie: I wish mummy would stop clicking the camera - my eyes are gonna be blind from the flash soon!