Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EXCUSE me, feeding is NOT illegal.

"EXCUSE me, I don't think I can agree with what you've just said cos No. 1, at least there are people who are kind enough to bother. I feed. I sterilise. I pay. My time. My money. My compassion. Being kind is not illegal. If the feeders do feed and not clean up, blame the human not the cats.

No. 2, it is so uneducated to think that just because we love cats, we want them around. On the contrary, because we love them, we want them off the harsh streets. You have two kids, I am assuming u love children somewhat. If u love them, do u want to see them suffer on the streets? I don't think so.

No. 3, the next time you try and argue, maybe you ought to do some research and get your facts right first. You forgot you are dealing with someone who is rather active in the matter of discussion and that this someone is reasonably educated, has a mind of her own, dare to speak out and not some auntie from the older generation (I almost said - your mother's generation) who gets bullied just because you speak English, work for the government and stay in landed property.

No. 4, if you would like, I would be more than happy to supply info on this so that you do not continue feeding wrong info to the others, especially your children. It'll be a shame."

- me to someone who had my blood boiled with "feeding the cats is illegal and encourage them to populate. Such a nuisance." He asked for it.