Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Adoption Trial for Terry FAILED

Today is a day of love.

Ironically, of all days, Terry was returned this very day after a failed adoption trial. I suppose this isn't a Happy Valentine's Day for him. Actually, not for me nor G as well.

Adopters had no choice but to give Terry up after 1.5 weeks as Terry tried escaping many times. We know the adopters gave their best efforts to provide a good home but alas, it was not meant to be.

How long will Terry have to wait to find his special forever home?

Photo from


Terry was found limping really badly. The sight of the pressure sore saddens G and myself. We found out Terry had been living in such a state since he was a kitten - it broke our hearts. We were advised by our vet to have his limb from elbow amputated as the nerves around his pressure sore area have long died.

Throughout his ordeal of having to shuttle from vet to vet, to undergo surgery and rehabilitation, to adjust to life in a cat shelter, we have to agree that Terry has been obedient and sweet despite the fact he displays signs of nervousness and will take flight if he is being frightened. Thinking back, we suspect he may have had unpleasant experience as a kitten that developed this nervous behaviour. His injury was either as a result of motor accident or he was abused. I hate to decide which.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Some pet owners are incredible. Incredibly silly I mean.
Look at what happened to this 8 years old maltese boy. He was hospitalised due to intestinal damage. His owner fed him chicken bones and the fragments of the bone ruptured his intestine and caused internal bleeding. Poor boy was passing out blood.
Better still, his owner did not want a surgery done. They brought him home after dripping him. Goodness.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Terry has been adopted!


I received wonderful news from G on Sun while I was helping a good friend with her bridal gown selection and fitting that Terry has been adopted to a very nice couple! May this be a happily ever after for Terry. :-)

Meet Trivo, the goldie.

Meet Trivo, a goldie hospitalised at Dr. H. Saw him when we visited Tubbs. Poor boy has an amputated paw. He's a very lovable boy.

Tubbs is hospitalised.

Tubbs has been warded for the past 12 days for a fight wound sustained. Poor chap. Nana has to work doubly hard to protect their territory while Tubbs is away.