Thursday, June 28, 2007


I want to give Lingcat a big pat on her back and a big hug for doing a great job in rescuing a little kitten whose head got stuck in a drainage pipe in a carpark.

I'm touched by this beautiful act of kindness.

The lucky little kitten who was rescued. What a handsome boy.
[Photo from Lingcat's blog]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As expected, Nana has to be hospitalised. Dr H said the hole is likely from a bite puncture wound sustained in a cat fight.

Nana's wound will be stitched up today.

If all goes well (meaning if Nana behaves herself by not removing her collar and yanking the stitches off like the last round), she should be able to go home on 07-07-07. Nice date huh.

Nana, 25 Jun 07

I visited E's community cat, Smokey, who was warded for an eye condition. Smokey lives in Telok Blangah. Smokey will be going home tonight.

Smokey, 25 Jun 07

Some of the patients at the vet:

Ah kow, warded for diarrhoea and vomitting

4-mth old Tommy warded for Diarrhoea and dehydration

And Princess, the rabbit for some limb injury

On the same night, we released Fiercy from 829 (she was in for sterilisation). We were told by the auntie and uncle who feeds the cats at 829 Fiercy's kids missed her. Fiercy so named as she is rather fierce. Even as I took her pics, she flattened her ears and hissed.

Fiercy, 25 Jun 07

We met Sunshine, Fluffy-tail and little cute Felix. Sunshine and Fluffy-tail were the first two from 829 we sterilised. Little Felix is too young to be neutered.


Little Felix and Fluffy-tail

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nana is wounded

Dear Nana was found wounded yesterday. M gave a frantic call to me and alerted Nana's situation. We think she has been in a fight. M's dad sprinkled some antiseptic powder on Nana's wound but Nana licked them all away. Uncle Y also put on some antiseptic powder to be all licked off again. I've asked them not to sprinkle anymore powder for the time being cos I think the powder smarts and that irritates Nana. I'm worried the more she licks the wound, the worse it will become.

We will bring Nana to Dr H tonight. Other than the raw, wet gaping hole which is bigger than a 50 cents coin, she looked alert and well this morning when I saw her.

My guess is Nana may need to be hospitalised - we'll see how. More on Nana after we visit the vet.

Nana, 25 Jun 07 morning

The wound, 25 Jun 07 morning

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Name is Hedwig

Something rather funny happened today while I was in the office. I happened to pick up this telephone call.

Me: Hello.

Caller: Hi, can I speak to W?

Me: I'm sorry but W is on the phone right now, would you like to leave a message for her?

Caller: Uh ok. Can you let W know I called.

Me: Sure. How do I address you?

Caller: Hedwig.

Me: Uhm. How should I spell your name?

Caller: H-E-D-W-I-G

Me: I immediately connected to this:

Harry and his pet owl, Hedwig

Me: *Trying hard not to giggle* Alright, I'll let W know you called.

After hanging up, I laughed inside my head.

Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to the final instalment of Harry Potter. : )

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Void Deck, The Chair and The Cat

Someone threw an old chair at the void deck and Nana decided to investigate.

Apparently, the chair wasn't comfy cos she left after scratching the cushion.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cookie, the Jack Rascal Terror

My precious youngest "daughter", Cookie. I adopted her when she was 2 months old and very ill. Very happy to see her grow up strong and happy. She'll be 2 next month the 9th. I love her to bits even though she is very mischievous. Can't imagine my life without pets!

My gifts this week

Received today a nice gift.

Received on Mon from G this lovely magnet.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Pinky has been discharged and released last night. His friend, Siam was around when we released him.

Pinky, 11 Jun

I'm beginning to find all cats handsome and pretty. Pinky looks statuesque in this pic. : )

Nemo and Terry were both discharged as well but still require medication.

Jay Boy (the one who fell from 4th floor) was not in the clinic anymore. We think he has gone home.

The feral pigeon has been discharged last night too. The driver (who injured it unintentionally) has shown up but I didn't get to meet him else I would like to tell him how nice he has been.

The 2 girls from 829 were released too (after sterilisation on Fri, 8 Jun).

It's a night of homecoming.

These are some of the cats at 829 last night.

11 Jun 07

11 Jun 07

11 Jun 07

Monday, June 11, 2007

This is the feral pigeon I mentioned in my previous post. A driver who injured its wing had the kindness and conscience to bring it in for treatment.

This is Pinky's wound as of 9 Jun. He will be discharged and released tonight. And yes, he'll probably be spotted with this bald patch for a while.

Pinky's wound, 9 Jun

A patient at the vet. Mimi from Eunos who is hospitalised for a cat fight wound also.

Mimi from Eunos, 9 Jun

Another patient. Jay Boy, a 10 years old cat who fell from 4th floor. Thank goodness he is alright.

Jay Boy, 9 Jun

Remember Terry? He was warded for flu treatment. Will be discharged tonight too. Isn't he such a handsome fella?

Terry, 9 Jun

These very adorable three kittens are up for adoption.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Meet Pinky, Elmo and Nemo


This is Pinky, one of the community cats G cares lovingly for. He's hospitalised from a bad cat fight injury and had to be stitched up. As of today, he is still warded for recovery.

The huge wound, now stitched up. The tube is for draining the pus.

Also, I want you to meet a handsome young lad. His name is Elmo.

Elmo, 2 Jun

Both Elmo and his equally handsome older buddy, Nemo, consulted Dr H on 2 Jun for flu. The two former community cats found their forever home with G.

Nemo, 2 Jun

However, Nemo is not doing too well (while Elmo is recovering). He has stopped eating and was warded for treatment yesterday. As you can guess, he needs to be put on drip and force fed a little to ensure his condition does not deteriorates.

Nemo, 7 Jun

Nemo, 7 Jun

Please join me in wishing Nemo speedy recovery so he can go home quickly.

G and I managed to send 3 boys and 2 girls for sterilisation from this area following a complaint. We still have more cats to go.

This is one of the girls we got. Pretty girl right?

And we saw a feral pigeon warded at the vet, sent in by a driver who accidentally knocked it. I am totally impressed with this person. So kind and conscientious of him or her! Wish we have more of such humane beings. Will try to take a pic of the pigeon when I next go to the vet.

p.s. Oh yes, I still have Garfield's story to tell you guys.