Friday, June 08, 2007

Meet Pinky, Elmo and Nemo


This is Pinky, one of the community cats G cares lovingly for. He's hospitalised from a bad cat fight injury and had to be stitched up. As of today, he is still warded for recovery.

The huge wound, now stitched up. The tube is for draining the pus.

Also, I want you to meet a handsome young lad. His name is Elmo.

Elmo, 2 Jun

Both Elmo and his equally handsome older buddy, Nemo, consulted Dr H on 2 Jun for flu. The two former community cats found their forever home with G.

Nemo, 2 Jun

However, Nemo is not doing too well (while Elmo is recovering). He has stopped eating and was warded for treatment yesterday. As you can guess, he needs to be put on drip and force fed a little to ensure his condition does not deteriorates.

Nemo, 7 Jun

Nemo, 7 Jun

Please join me in wishing Nemo speedy recovery so he can go home quickly.

G and I managed to send 3 boys and 2 girls for sterilisation from this area following a complaint. We still have more cats to go.

This is one of the girls we got. Pretty girl right?

And we saw a feral pigeon warded at the vet, sent in by a driver who accidentally knocked it. I am totally impressed with this person. So kind and conscientious of him or her! Wish we have more of such humane beings. Will try to take a pic of the pigeon when I next go to the vet.

p.s. Oh yes, I still have Garfield's story to tell you guys.

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Get well soon, Nemo!