Monday, June 11, 2007

This is the feral pigeon I mentioned in my previous post. A driver who injured its wing had the kindness and conscience to bring it in for treatment.

This is Pinky's wound as of 9 Jun. He will be discharged and released tonight. And yes, he'll probably be spotted with this bald patch for a while.

Pinky's wound, 9 Jun

A patient at the vet. Mimi from Eunos who is hospitalised for a cat fight wound also.

Mimi from Eunos, 9 Jun

Another patient. Jay Boy, a 10 years old cat who fell from 4th floor. Thank goodness he is alright.

Jay Boy, 9 Jun

Remember Terry? He was warded for flu treatment. Will be discharged tonight too. Isn't he such a handsome fella?

Terry, 9 Jun

These very adorable three kittens are up for adoption.


cat_aunty said...

Is it safe for Pinky to be out in the wild in this state?

Will the stitches burst?

paul of paulMysh! said...

Thank God for you people for taking such good care of the cats...!

Celeste Lock said...

cat_aunty: The wound has healed nicely so should be ok but I heard from G Pinky is still in hiding since his release on Mon night.

Paul: Thanks. We all do what we can. Your paintings are lovely.