Friday, September 29, 2006

We miss Maomao (also known as Nana) very much so we went to visit her again last night.

She is looking very much better. No tantrums so far. And she talk less too.

Maomao: " long more must I be here... I miss home."

Maomao: "But food is delicious here though...Yum."

This is Nemo, the resident cat of the clinic. She is so gentle-tempered and friendly. Very very comfy with human. Continued to sleep while we pat her. She is very heavy! Haa.

This is the very cute kitten. He is still there. Still so playful ever. He is just so adorable.

This is Nurse Y's Dachshund pet dog, Rex. He has been castrated and is resting.

We felt very sad when we saw this almost blind cat. We were very touched to learn that Dr. N adopted this cat 'cos she knew nobody would.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tubbs is ill

Oh man. Bad news.

Tubbs is very ill. Down with a flu. His eyes kept tearing and he kept wheezing. Poor boy. My kind neighbour, M will be bringing Tubbs to the vet tomorrow morning. Hope he'll be fine.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Went to visit Maomao with Uncle Y tonight. She was very happy to see us. Nurse J commented that Maomao's such a talkative girl - she wouldn't stop talking. She also said Maomao sulked non-stop when she had to wear an opaque e-collar. After nurse J changed it to a transparent one, she's visibly happier and was less sulky. So funny!

Maomao's worrying lump is now gone.

Feeling tired after all the talking.

This is another patient at the clinic. His name is Xiao Tub I think and he has a blocked bladder. Poor boy.

This is a very very adorable kitten fostered temporarily by the clinic on behalf of SPCA. He is definitely a cross as he has beautiful semi-long fur. Very active and playful. He was hiding quietly under the newspapers at first so we didn't see him. Then he sprang a surprise "attack". So cute right?!

There is another black male tom staying just below Maomao, also a community cat. He has a problematic leg, can't walk I heard. A kind caregiver sent him in for treatment. * No pic *

This is the clinic's resident cat No. 1. Her name is Nemo. VERY chubby and friendly!

This is resident cat No. 2. I think I heard Nurse J called her Xiao Mi. Not as friendly as Nemo. This is her bed.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Uncle Y and I noticed a small lump forming on the right side of Maomao's beautiful face on 20 Sep, Wed. It grew triple the size by 21st and we were freaked out. The lump felt soft. She seemed to be in lots of discomfort and appeared lethargic. She also has not turned up at my place for two consecutive mornings (which was unusual). On 22nd Sep night, we decided to bring her to the vet to investigate the worrying lump.

Dr. N was really nice and told us the lump felt warm and fluctuant so she think the lump is an abscess filled with pus, likely a result of bites and scratches sustained during cat fights. She suggested surgical treatment - lancing, draining and flushing the abscess with antibiotics. Oral antibiotic will also be administered. We have decided to hospitalise Maomao for the next few days to ensure she gets proper and professional medical care and administration.

Oh by the way a pleasant surprise, Maomao is a Burmese-cross!

The lump is bothering me!

Noticed the swell on her right?

Update [23 Sep, Sat]:
The minor surgery was a success. The pus was drained and Maomao is recovering well.

Update [24 Sep, Sun]:
Maomao is doing well and eating well, only a little unhappy with the elizabeth collar she has to wear. Uncle Y and I plan to visit her on Mon.


On the other hand, Tubbs is also found quite badly "disfigured" - from fights again. I hope he doesn't develop abscesses like Maomao!



Sunday, September 10, 2006


Miki, the 6-month old tabby kitten was released tonight (10 Sep 06). He was sterilised on 7 Sep 06. M found him two week ago with dried blood around his mouth and limping badly. He was sent to the vet the next morning. The vet suspected that Miki may probably have been kicked in the mouth and hence the dried blood. As for the limp, it would be due to some scratches inflicted on his feet by other stronger felines. I am more inclined to think he may have fallen off the corridor of the flat while roaming as he is a very curious boy. He likes to peep through the holes along the corridor. And being timid, he may have been frightened by passer-bys and took the plunge.

M and I were quite reluctant to let him go tonight but we had no choice - we couldn't find adopter for this little boy. He had tried going up the stairs at the blk we released him a few times and both of us had to bring him down. I would say he is playful, curious but timid. We can only pray hard he is clever enough not to hurt himself due to his curiosity. We will check on him again and hopefully, he remains safe & sound & grow up healthy.

Update [11 Sep 06 morning]:

I saw Miki this morning. It was great. I hope he'll remain there.

Update [11 Sep 06 night]:

I found Miki with Cinder. The pair are generally quite tolerant of each other. Only a few swats exchanged. None ran away from another. Good sign. I hope they can become friends so they are both not lonely.

Update [12 Sep 06 morning]:
No sign of Miki but saw Cinder at Miki's place when I left home for work at around 8am. M saw Miki at 7am.

Update [12 Sep 06 afternoon]:
Sms from M said - My dad came back for lunch. Went to look for him (Miki), found him in the drain. Think he's sleeping and Cinder was keeping watch. Fed him already.

Isn't this so sweet of Cinder?

Update [12 Sep 06 night]:
Miki was lounging near the lift lobby when I saw him - he seemed relaxed. Cinder was at the other end of the blk busy investigating something that has caught his interest. Gave Miki his second helping of mackerel dinner. He had his first serving at 7.20pm, courtesy of Z, M's youngest sis. Wanted to snap a pic but my camera battery was depleted.

Update [13 Sep 06 night]:

Miki wasn't seen the entire day - all of us got worried. I was searching for Miki after work when I met Uncle Y and M's dad. We did more searching. M's dad found Miki at the next blk and called out to us. M and her sis, A came down when they heard news that Miki was found. All of us were relieved and happy. Cinder gave Miki a kiss - so sweet.

Update [14 Sep 06]:
I have no luck with Miki at all today. However, M's family did see and feed Miki thrice today, which was really good and a relief.

Update [15 Sep 06]:
Miki was last seen at 3+ in the afternoon by M's family. We could not find him at night. Hope the boy is alright.

Update [16 Sep 06]:

Found Miki tonight. He was following a teenage couple. Fed him two packs as he seemed very hungry. It started drizzling lightly. Hope Miki remains safe and sound.

Update [17 Sep 06]:

Update [18 Sep 06]:
I found Miki retching at a corner on the way home. Then he puked some whitish gooey stuff. A little while more, he looked alright. Am glad. Gave him dinner which he didn't bother. Guess he must be full.

Update [19 Sep 06]:

I saw a tabby busy exploring in the big field behind my bus stop. Upon closer inspection, I realised it was Koko and not Miki. Gave Koko supper. Miki appeared 10 minutes later. He came when I called and rolled around. Very sweet of him.

Update [24 Sep 06]:

Thank goodness - my cats are all fine for now.

This is Maomao busy sharpening her claws.

This is Cinder, relaxing after supper.

This is Tubbs - as laid back as before.

This is Jasper (on the right) with new friend, Handsome (unsterilised).

This is Angel (on the left) with her "husband".

Angel making herself very comfortable in Uncle Y's car boot.

Prata was heard screaming in pain very loudly by Uncle Y a few evenings ago. He seemed fine other than being badly frightened that night. Uncle Y was totally upset. We will continue to monitor the situation.

And this is Macy. Been a while since I last saw this gentle girl. Hope she remains safe.

Chew on it!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Very bad news!!!

The culling was extremely intensive today at where I live. I heard the pest control are not sparing the sterilised cats and have been witnessed capturing the sterilised ones by fellow volunteers who also managed to take some pics.

The TC has promised not to touch the sterilised cats for 6 months as a trial (and refer "nuisance" sterilised cats to caregivers to mediate) but things are happening in opposite. The situation is quite messy as of now.

As of 3+ pm earlier, the pest control tried culling a sterilised cat at Blk 88X but were stopped by a caregiver.

Why isn't the TC keeping their promise (when they actually sent an email to confirm that they will not cull sterilised cats)? Or does the problem lies with the pest control - that they fail to follow instructions?

Dawn has been posting some updates on this situation as well. Check her blog at

I understand the Press are keen to feature this situation but some of us are hesistant on what the consequences of doing so may be. Afterall, the innocent cats will be the ultimate ones to shoulder them.

This is very distressing.