Sunday, September 24, 2006


Uncle Y and I noticed a small lump forming on the right side of Maomao's beautiful face on 20 Sep, Wed. It grew triple the size by 21st and we were freaked out. The lump felt soft. She seemed to be in lots of discomfort and appeared lethargic. She also has not turned up at my place for two consecutive mornings (which was unusual). On 22nd Sep night, we decided to bring her to the vet to investigate the worrying lump.

Dr. N was really nice and told us the lump felt warm and fluctuant so she think the lump is an abscess filled with pus, likely a result of bites and scratches sustained during cat fights. She suggested surgical treatment - lancing, draining and flushing the abscess with antibiotics. Oral antibiotic will also be administered. We have decided to hospitalise Maomao for the next few days to ensure she gets proper and professional medical care and administration.

Oh by the way a pleasant surprise, Maomao is a Burmese-cross!

The lump is bothering me!

Noticed the swell on her right?

Update [23 Sep, Sat]:
The minor surgery was a success. The pus was drained and Maomao is recovering well.

Update [24 Sep, Sun]:
Maomao is doing well and eating well, only a little unhappy with the elizabeth collar she has to wear. Uncle Y and I plan to visit her on Mon.


On the other hand, Tubbs is also found quite badly "disfigured" - from fights again. I hope he doesn't develop abscesses like Maomao!




Zeus said...

It's good to know that it was anything too serious with MaoMao. Any lump like that should be treated seriously, and even though it was only due to fighting, it could have been much worse.

I hope Tubbs feels better soon! Those wounds look pretty intense, big fellah!

cat_aunty said...

Wah Maomao! Mera had one of those too, and it burst on its own. The vet said injuries to the face mean it was a very serious fight. Maybe he fight w Tubbs loh