Monday, September 25, 2006

Went to visit Maomao with Uncle Y tonight. She was very happy to see us. Nurse J commented that Maomao's such a talkative girl - she wouldn't stop talking. She also said Maomao sulked non-stop when she had to wear an opaque e-collar. After nurse J changed it to a transparent one, she's visibly happier and was less sulky. So funny!

Maomao's worrying lump is now gone.

Feeling tired after all the talking.

This is another patient at the clinic. His name is Xiao Tub I think and he has a blocked bladder. Poor boy.

This is a very very adorable kitten fostered temporarily by the clinic on behalf of SPCA. He is definitely a cross as he has beautiful semi-long fur. Very active and playful. He was hiding quietly under the newspapers at first so we didn't see him. Then he sprang a surprise "attack". So cute right?!

There is another black male tom staying just below Maomao, also a community cat. He has a problematic leg, can't walk I heard. A kind caregiver sent him in for treatment. * No pic *

This is the clinic's resident cat No. 1. Her name is Nemo. VERY chubby and friendly!

This is resident cat No. 2. I think I heard Nurse J called her Xiao Mi. Not as friendly as Nemo. This is her bed.


cat_aunty said...

Get well soon, Maomao, and all the kitty patients at the vet!

I thought all the cats are kept in cages, so it is good to see some of them walking about.

Celeste Lock said...

Hi cat_aunty, those walking around the clinic are the resident cats. I saw only two. The patients are in the pretty roomy & clean cages. Yeh, hope they all get well soon.

cat_aunty said...

Dear Celeste, of course they are. You said so in your blog, and I was reading so fast I missed the details. Wonder why Maomao didn't like the opaque collar. Too heavy? Too tight? And she thought her body was gone??

Celeste Lock said...

Dear cat_aunty, I think Maomao didn't like the opaque collar cos it sort of blocked her corner view. She was happier with the transparent one maybe she don't feel as restricted in terms of sight. Haha.

sharon said...

hmm ... make a guess, maomao is at clinic at cck? the 2 resident cats are very happy there ... ;-)


auntie p said...

You'll be free soon...hang on there Mao Mao!

Nemo is good-looking too.

Celeste Lock said...

Hi Sharon: Hmm, you've been to the vet? = )

Hi auntie_p: Thanks for your encouragement. Maomao is a strong girl, she'll be fine. Hope to discharge her by this weekend, either 7th or 8th Oct. Really miss her.