Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where are you Oren?


My heart has been aching the past 48 hours.

Oren is missing again.

The last time he disappeared, it was in May. We were lucky to recover him after 2 weeks then, thanks to alert fellow caregivers. He ended up in another part of Tampines - I don't know how. It remains a mystery to-date. This time, we heard from some witnesses at the prata shop where Oren was a frequent "patron" he was driven off on Fri (21 Sep 07) night while being on top of a car (it was a MPV they think). They tried to get the driver's attention but to no avail. No one took note of the car's plate no.

Oren was gone.

Just like that.

Where? We don't know. Everyone who loved him at my area are heartwrenched.

Oren has a penchant for car tops. He enjoyed lounging on them. Maybe for the coolness. As he was a popular "part of the blk" character, nobody really minded.

That faithful night, for some reason, he didn't get off the vehicle in time.

There were so many questions on our mind.

Is that vehicle's owner a resident near our place? Or was he from somewhere far? Did Oren leap off at some point? Was it a busy road he chose to escape? Was he hurt? Was he frightened to be away from "home"? Was he hungry? Is he still alive? If so, WHERE??

This is such an awful feeling. So awful. : (

We have no idea how we should search for him. He could be anywhere from Tampines to Simei to Changi to Bedok or even further. We intend to put up posters, flyer the vehicles at our area, write to SPCA and AVA, spread news via CWS. The only brighter hope we are placing on is that someone very kind will notice him and the tag on his collar with our contact nos and call us. Since the last time he went missing, we've decided to tag his collar.

Oren is a sterilised (tipped left ear) ginger male with white chest about 3-4 years old. He has an easy to spot short bob tail. Friendly. He is the resident cat of Blk 897A Tampines Street 81.

Please help us keep a lookout for our dear friend. Please call xx immediately if you spot a cat fitting Oren's description. We miss him dearly.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Snowy - Update - 6 Sep 07

Thanks to those of you who shared your views on accupuncture. As funds are limited, we have decided to at this point, to drop the idea as this alternative treatment is too costly for us to handle. A 30-min session is about SGD85.00. Snowy definitely need more than just a single session.

Snowy now has a beautiful tipped left ear - she was spayed earlier this week. Up next will be vaccination in about 10 days' time. She still need to put on more weight.

Scabs on Snowy's head clearing. ~ 20 Aug 07

Snowy in a relaxing mood. ~ 25 Aug 07

Snowy purred!! ~ 25 Aug 07

Snowy on 25 Aug 07 - about to enter dreamland.

Video Clips:

Snowy enjoying affection from me. ~ 20 Aug 07

Snowy enjoying affection from G. ~ 20 Aug 07

Snowy is sterilised. ~ 6 Sep 07

Snowy still spins. ~ 6 Sep 07

Snowy is still pining for her special someone to appear. She waits each day, with patience while G and I prayed each night, with hope our prayers will be answered - that our brave little girl finds a good, loving & responsible home.