Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Wednesday...

Angelic Angel

Mummy Cat has been renamed to Angel for her angelic temperament. Uncle Y and I saw her last night and applied some antiseptic on her sterilisation wound which is a little pinkish.

Viki now known as Prata

We have also decided to rename Viki to Prata since he was found at the Prata shop.

Darling little Cas

Cas is such a sweet and adorable little girl. She was singing away when I saw her and was happily galloping next to me to ask for dinner. Yum!


"Can you pls stop poking at my eye?"

Jasper and Cas look almost alike but Jasper is older and is a boy (Cas is a girl). I found him with some minor scratch wounds on his back last night. There were also some gooey stuff on his right eye, which I managed to remove 90%. I couldn't clear all as he started protesting.

Finally, thank goodness the cats are all still fine as of this morning. So jittery!

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Culling Begins...

Maomao, just as freaked out . "Arh!! Am I in danger??!!"

My nightmare begins TODAY.

The culling exercise on unsterilised cats in my my estate offically commences today. I fear so much for our lovely cats' safety (even for the sterilised ones). I'm totally freaked! I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

Update [21/08/06]: Received news from fellow caregiver at 1.50pm the pest control people are in action this morning at Blk 86X. Many more men involved compared to usual three. Am very worried.

Update [22/08/06]: Phew. Gracious. My cats are still around. So worried they may be "accidentally kidnapped".

Update [24/08/06]: These few days have been hard to survive. Every step towards home (I feed on my way home) is an unsettling one - am so afraid my darling kitties are gone. Thank god they are still fine. I decided to be extra vigilant during this period by keeping a lookout for any leftover food (for the cats) and will throw them away if I do see one. So far, only once this morning. Wonder who left the food. Uncle Y has also been helping to monitor leftovers at Angel's area. Hopefully, this bit of effort will help. As of yesterday, understand from a fellow caregiver that no cats from our area have been sent to Pasir Panjang. Pls continue to pray for our cats' safety.

Update [29/08/06]: All is well... except we couldn't find Cas sweetheart. Hope this little one is well and fine.

Update [30/08/06]: Am on leave today. Was looking for Maomao to give her brunch when I sighted a suspicious looking lorry with some indian & malay men (they looked like locals & were lunching in the back of the lorry). I noted the plate no. just in case & also secretly took a pic. I hope they are not from the pest control! I quickly took Maomao (who was near them) to the other side of the blk.
Mummy Cat [now renamed Angel] was released on 19 Aug night. She's doing well and has remained where she was. What a relief!

Mummy Cat [Angel]

Home sweet home (into the drain)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Managed to apply some antiseptic cream on Maomao's wound last evening without her putting up a struggle. Phew. Tubbs was with her. They are a handsome couple if you ask me. Hope to apply the cream for Maomao twice a day. I didn't see Cinder last night but believe he is alright as Uncle Y fed him. Uncle Y was taking a stroll in the park when I called him.

Picking up Mummy Cat this evening. Looking forward to seeing her with tipped ear! = )

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Woman strangled & robbed in Seletar West

Saw this on Channel 8 News tonight [17/08/06].

How awful & terribly wicked of the robber to injure the lady so badly!

This kind lady was on her way home late at night after feeding her two community cats at the very deserted Seletar West Farmway 4 when she was attacked from behind. Now in ICU in TTSH. I hope the robber is arrested soon and the victim recover soon.

  • Article from The Straits Times (18-Aug-06)

  • Maomao is injured

    Spotted a recently inflicted wound under Maomao's right ear, with fresh blood - I guess as a result of some fights. There were also scratches on her nose and just below her eyes. Just the day before, she was spotted with a drier but still wet wound (with no blood) under the same ear. I wonder who she fought with. There were no visible wounds on Tubbs or Cinder, so likely not them.

    Wound on 17 Aug 06, Thurs night

    UPDATE: Wound on 18 Aug 06, Fri morning
    Good morning! Breakfast for Maomao & Tubbs... Yum.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Trapping Mummy Cat

    Mummy Cat

    Trapping was smooth tonight. Mummy Cat was most cooperative, probably due to her familiarity with Uncle Y. She was as gentle as Uncle Y described. Very sad to note her last remaining adorable kitten was gone. Mummy Cat's a very good mother. She took very good care of her little one before it went missing on National Day.

    We were at the vet in Choa Chu Kang by 8.30pm. This is my first visit to this vet and I must say I am rather impressed with the clinic. Very clean, bright and pleasant. The receptionist, Jolene was as pleasant.

    Uncle Y and me plan to discharge Mummy Cat on Sat evening.

    UPDATE [17/08/06]: I called the vet to enquire on Mummy Cat and was informed she's doing well. Am glad!
    My darling little one snoozing inside her carrier...
    those damaged parts are her Art & Craft.

    Snoozing without a care in the world...
    with her favourite & badly damaged & smelly soft toy.

    Serving "jail term" with Queenie for being mischievous...

    Cinder feeling lethargic after a hearty dinner.

    Then he heard some suspicious noise and Vvvrrrooom...
    he dashed into the bushes.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Here's Maomao waiting for me on a National Day morning.

    And here's Cinder on a National Day night. Now sterilised.

    Something's happening where I live. The TC will be conducting a major culling exercise beginning third week of this month. I wonder why. Some fellow caregivers are desperately racing against time to sterilise. Cinder is one of those they did. I'm guilty of not keeping up but that doesn't mean I don't care as much. I will be helping Uncle Y to sterilise a mummy cat whose cute kitten went missing on National Day (so sad). Must be very distressing for mummy cat to lose her only kitten left. I heard from Uncle Y mother & child are amazingly close. I do pray hard that the little one re-appears soon.