Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's Wednesday...

Angelic Angel

Mummy Cat has been renamed to Angel for her angelic temperament. Uncle Y and I saw her last night and applied some antiseptic on her sterilisation wound which is a little pinkish.

Viki now known as Prata

We have also decided to rename Viki to Prata since he was found at the Prata shop.

Darling little Cas

Cas is such a sweet and adorable little girl. She was singing away when I saw her and was happily galloping next to me to ask for dinner. Yum!


"Can you pls stop poking at my eye?"

Jasper and Cas look almost alike but Jasper is older and is a boy (Cas is a girl). I found him with some minor scratch wounds on his back last night. There were also some gooey stuff on his right eye, which I managed to remove 90%. I couldn't clear all as he started protesting.

Finally, thank goodness the cats are all still fine as of this morning. So jittery!


Anonymous said...

Phew! Happy for you and yr cats Celeste! Do u think they were spared because the TC respected the tipped ear?

Jasper n Cas may be siblings, u think?

Hot(M)BC said...

We's glad your kitties are ok!

Zeus said...

They're all so very beautiful. They're lucky to have found caring humans like you and Uncle Y.