Friday, September 01, 2006

Very bad news!!!

The culling was extremely intensive today at where I live. I heard the pest control are not sparing the sterilised cats and have been witnessed capturing the sterilised ones by fellow volunteers who also managed to take some pics.

The TC has promised not to touch the sterilised cats for 6 months as a trial (and refer "nuisance" sterilised cats to caregivers to mediate) but things are happening in opposite. The situation is quite messy as of now.

As of 3+ pm earlier, the pest control tried culling a sterilised cat at Blk 88X but were stopped by a caregiver.

Why isn't the TC keeping their promise (when they actually sent an email to confirm that they will not cull sterilised cats)? Or does the problem lies with the pest control - that they fail to follow instructions?

Dawn has been posting some updates on this situation as well. Check her blog at

I understand the Press are keen to feature this situation but some of us are hesistant on what the consequences of doing so may be. Afterall, the innocent cats will be the ultimate ones to shoulder them.

This is very distressing.


jennifer_yq said...

i had a very unhappy incident with an dog owner today.. i suddenly remember you as a dog owner

Why do you love cats so much as much as you love dogs?

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Celeste Lock said...

Hi Jennifer. I'm u sorry you had an unpleasant experience today but I hope it is with the owner not the dog. Most times, the pets are innocent. It is the owner's prerogative to train their pets to behave.

I love and respect all lives, be it cat or dog or hamster. I guess you can call me an animal lover not dog lover or cat lover.


vegancat said...

It is not about dog owner in general but about that particular person with a dog.
I think to those of us who open our hearts to the cats and take them in to provide refuge from a harsh world out there, rather than adopting them as beautiful objects to add to our possession, our hearts are also open to the plight of other animals as well.
When I see my cats safe and contented in my care, it spurs me on to help the community cats because I know that they too deserve a safe environment to live in.
I used to have dogs and my last dog, rescued from near-death in marine parade from neglect and abandonment, died 2 years ago. Now I share my life with 3 cats. I feel equally for both dogs and cats as well as all other animals.