Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's a miracle - cat giving birth

If you haven’t seen a cat give birth - you have to watch this video. It is long - but even if you watch the first two minutes - it is well done. Cats are naturally shy and hide and this was well videoed. Check out a live cat birth. It is a miracle.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Progress or Regress?

As I read through the comments to my letter, I couldn't help but wonder - as we progress as a country, are we, as human, regressing? Whatever happened to compassion, humanity (the word 'human' is in it) and kindness? Has progression made us unfeeling and intolerant?

Some would rather the cats be cull
ed and killed than for their cars to be rested on. The cats bleed like we do, the cars are just metal. For the sake of the metal, some chose to be cruel. In case some of us don't know, cats culled are sent to be killed. The nicer term some people used is "removed". The culled cats are not sent to some shelters FYI. Maybe using a nicer term makes the complainants feel a lot less guilty about indirectly murdering.

As a caregiver myself, I try my best to sterilise, feed and care for these homeless - many whom were abandoned by ourselves, and we're debating the 'root' of the problem. Occasionally, I get rude stares but mostly, my neighbours have been nice and supportive.

Those who hate cats want them off the streets because they think cats are nothing but nuisance and, they scratch their cars. Those who love all lives wish the cats do not need to live outside, suffer and be unnecessarily devoided their rights to live, and instead have loving homes. The cat haters and the cat lovers - we have the same ultimate goal - not to have so many strays but our methods of achieving the goal are different. Culling is not going to work and is inhumane. Sterilisation, applied cooperatively and long term, will. Like it or not, there are no
quick fixes to a long standing issue. If we truly want the goal to realise, we have to work together, in a humane manner.

It's ok not to like cats, honestly. But it's not ok to hurt them just because you don't like them. You can just leave them alone and I'm sure the cats will appreciate.

As with any situations
, there always will be black sheep. Some charitable organisations have failed us but does that stop us from being charitable? The answer for most - no.

DJs' remarks on stray cats not funny and irresponsible

The letter I wrote in to ST Forum has been published online.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ST: 4 cats found dead - 3 with stab wounds

Another 4 cats have been found dead in Pasir Ris, bringing the death toll to 7 felines since May 2nd.

Of the 4, 3 were found in Pasir Ris Town Park yesterday, within 50m of one another and with abdominal puncture wounds.

The 4th cat was found nearby, in an open field near Blk 536. It had a fractured jaw.

It had no other observable wounds, and it is not known whether its death was related to that of the other 3.

The SPCA, alerted to the deaths, said the wounds on the 3 in the park were stab wounds, not the result of dog bites.

On May 2nd, 3 cats were found in Pasir Ris Street 21, doused with what is believed to be thinner. Two died and the 3rd was eventually put down as a result of its injuries.

The SPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person or persons involved in this spate of cat deaths.

The SPCA may be contacted on 6287-5355, Extension 9.

- The Straits Times - Tuesday, May 13 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

A responsible act of kindness should be fine, not fined.

Here's what I think on Radio DJs made tasteless remark on cats:

One does not joke about the sufferings of the others, whether humans or animals. I do not find the DJs' comments at all funny. In fact, I think the "jokes" were distasteful, uneducated and reflects the lack of empathy and basic respect for other lives. Very appalled, very disgusted.

What is wrong with kindness for the homeless animals? Kindness and benevolence are open to all, not just human beings. Is there such thing as "selective kindness"?

If I were to give money to a homeless human begger so he could buy food to fill his empty stomach, should I be fined and ridiculed? I cannot possibly be giving money to a cat, can I? If cats know how to use the money to buy food, then perhaps, we run the risk of being sent to Peru instead.

A responsible act of kindness should be fine, not fined.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The pest control strikes again

The pest control strikes again.

This morning, I received this disheartening message. Areas first hit was Sunplaza and 400+. Apparently, a feeder stop them somewhat and they moved on. TC denied activating from what I understand.

When is this vicious, unproductive cycle going to end?

I forwarded the info to my neighbours and fellow caregivers, hoping they'll keep an eye and count on their charges. Most of the cats at my area are collared and tagged with contact details. I hope the pest control - if they do come by - hesitates - about trapping them.

It really irates me that despite the voluntary efforts we put into sterilising and caring for the homeless four-leggeds, there are still human beings who are so unfeeling and unappreciative. Whatever happened to their hearts?

Monday, May 05, 2008

My heart cries ...

When will cruelty cease?

When can we learn to respect all lives?

When can we live and let live?

When can we have more love, less bitterness?

These sufferings...

These inhumane acts...

When will we stop channeling our anger or tedium on the homeless, defenceless and voiceless?

When can we be proud to truly call ourselves HUMAN?

My heart cries.

Farewell little one, I'm sorry I couldn't stop whoever did what was done to you.

I can only hope, and pray, that justice will prevail.

:( :( :( :(

Sunday, May 04, 2008


My blood pressure just shot sky high after reading this article.

My heartbeat rate doubled.

My temperature tripled.

I am fuming!

Taking anger or unhappiness out on the defenceless and voiceless is such an ABHORRENT and COWARDLY act.

What is the problem here?!