Sunday, August 19, 2007

ASD 2008 Calendar - Help the Singapore Dogs

2008 is around the corner. What have you accomplished this year? Whom have you helped? Have you been part of making a difference for the lives of the less fortunate?

Start your brand New Year great by getting the ASD 2008 Calendar @ SGD10.00. All proceeds will go towards helping our very own Singapore Dogs. Let each day of the the calendar remind all of us that we are so much more fortunate.

Help ASD (Action For Singapore Dogs) help the dogs, like you've help us help the cats. Together, we can make a difference.

Where to get the ASD 2008 Calendar?


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Acupuncture for Snowy?? - Share your views.. ..

G and I heard that acupuncture may help Snowy - in her 'spinning' condition.

Veterinary acupuncture practitioners, we understand, are limited in nos. in Singapore. At this moment, we only know of a few vets who do that - Dr. O, Dr. L and Dr. S

Also, the costs associated with this treatment is not exactly affordable.

We thought we'll like to hear some views on this.. .. or if anyone has experience on this and would like to share with us.. ..

Thanks in advance, on behalf of Snowy who, is still waiting patiently - for her special someone. : )

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Snowy - Update - 11 Aug 07

18 Aug 07 - Snowy looking better.

The sores on Snowy's head are definitely looking much much better. She's more vocal now and enjoys being let out of her confinement to exercise and investigate. We also saw her grooming herself for the first time.

Sores on her head looked so much better.

She still has yet to put on enough weight despite her huge appetite. Her last weight was about 2kg.

Video Clips:

Snowy unknowingly scares Xiao B, the vet's resident cat by sneaking into the box.

Cute little white kitten trying to entice Snowy for a game.

Kitten still trying her luck - so adorable.

Snowy busy scratching...

Snowy still spins round and round from time to time...

We are not sure how long Snowy will take to recover (she will not recover fully given the extent of her injury)... however, the process of helping her find a good, loving and responsible should begin. Snowy for sure, is unfit to be released onto the streets anymore.

Snowy is patiently waiting for her special someone, that someone with a big heart who is willing to give her a responsible home and a lifetime of love - physically and emotionally, someone who accepts her unconditionally the way she is, a home where she will never never be forsaken under any circumstances (she cannot afford to be abandoned, she will never survive in the streets). Write us at

Snowy waits... ...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Snowy - Update - 28 Jul 07

Snowy, 28 Jul 07

Snowy is very much the same - she can now eat pretty steadily on her own. She has a HUGE appetite! : )

The wounds on her head are healing... looks better then before. We understand there's no new scabs surfacing - which is great news.

Snowy - Video Clip 1 (exercising her limbs)

snowy - Video Clip 2 (scratching away)

Snowy - Video Clip 3 (spinning around in her 'room')

More updates to come...