Thursday, August 02, 2007

Snowy - Update - 28 Jul 07

Snowy, 28 Jul 07

Snowy is very much the same - she can now eat pretty steadily on her own. She has a HUGE appetite! : )

The wounds on her head are healing... looks better then before. We understand there's no new scabs surfacing - which is great news.

Snowy - Video Clip 1 (exercising her limbs)

snowy - Video Clip 2 (scratching away)

Snowy - Video Clip 3 (spinning around in her 'room')

More updates to come...


Mini-Meow said...

Snowy is such a miracle. Her determination to stay alive and get well is admirable.

Be strong Snowy, you are in good hands! And you have so much love from all those around you. Get well soon! :)

SL said...

she looks much better! it seems she walks in circles only in the cage. in the vid of her in the room she didn't go round in circles. and she's quite vigorous with the scratching, so she's getting stronger too. :)

hope she will continue to get btr.


jules said...

Snowy looks beautiful and I am sure she will get stronger and better with so much love, care and concern for her. A slow and steady recovery to Snowy!