Friday, July 20, 2007

Snowy - Update - 18 Jul 07

Snowy, 18 Jul

Snowy can eat on her own!

There's no need to spoon feed her anymore. No more grinding teeth sounds when she chews her food - this means that her loose jaw is slowly healing and getting better. She is also able to eat more chunky canned food now (previously need to add water to soften it for easy swallowing).

She is able to walk better, still circling but is able to walk in a straight line when you call out to her. This means she can hear and recognize the direction of the voice – her sense of orientation is getting better!

Snowy weighs only about 2kg.

The scabs on her head and face are slowly peeling off; there are some blood stains when the vet and nurses clean her but nothing serious. Hopefully the skin scabs will slowly peel off and the new skin can regenerate and get better. The scabs on her toes are falling off too. Antibiotic ointment and powder are applied daily.

Snowy is still on injection antibiotics – Dr. H feels that her immune system is fighting very hard to cope with her illnesses, so the course of antibiotics may be prolonged.

Snowy, 18 Jul

Our next visit will be on Mon, 23 Jul. : )


EJ. said...

Snowy, you just get better and better.

VeganCatsg said...

This is good news :)