Thursday, August 16, 2007

Acupuncture for Snowy?? - Share your views.. ..

G and I heard that acupuncture may help Snowy - in her 'spinning' condition.

Veterinary acupuncture practitioners, we understand, are limited in nos. in Singapore. At this moment, we only know of a few vets who do that - Dr. O, Dr. L and Dr. S

Also, the costs associated with this treatment is not exactly affordable.

We thought we'll like to hear some views on this.. .. or if anyone has experience on this and would like to share with us.. ..

Thanks in advance, on behalf of Snowy who, is still waiting patiently - for her special someone. : )


jules said...

I believe it is worthwhile trying acupuncture for Snowy. Have heard a lot from other people and some vets about acupuncture but of course, the results will vary with different animals. My cat had only one acupuncture session before he passed away due to other complications, so unable to tell whether effective or not but I felt strongly that if we have tried acupuncture earlier, it could have been beneficial for my cat.

calsifer said...

Heard there's not many acupucture-licenses vets in Singapore, but it sounds like something worth trying.

Hope it helps Snowy.