Friday, August 11, 2006

Here's Maomao waiting for me on a National Day morning.

And here's Cinder on a National Day night. Now sterilised.

Something's happening where I live. The TC will be conducting a major culling exercise beginning third week of this month. I wonder why. Some fellow caregivers are desperately racing against time to sterilise. Cinder is one of those they did. I'm guilty of not keeping up but that doesn't mean I don't care as much. I will be helping Uncle Y to sterilise a mummy cat whose cute kitten went missing on National Day (so sad). Must be very distressing for mummy cat to lose her only kitten left. I heard from Uncle Y mother & child are amazingly close. I do pray hard that the little one re-appears soon.

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cat_aunty said...

Maomao, looking good!