Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thank goodness - my cats are all fine for now.

This is Maomao busy sharpening her claws.

This is Cinder, relaxing after supper.

This is Tubbs - as laid back as before.

This is Jasper (on the right) with new friend, Handsome (unsterilised).

This is Angel (on the left) with her "husband".

Angel making herself very comfortable in Uncle Y's car boot.

Prata was heard screaming in pain very loudly by Uncle Y a few evenings ago. He seemed fine other than being badly frightened that night. Uncle Y was totally upset. We will continue to monitor the situation.

And this is Macy. Been a while since I last saw this gentle girl. Hope she remains safe.


cat_aunty said...

Thank God everyone is safe! MaoMao ah, dun let the people see you training claws on their bicycle wheels!

Celeste Lock said...

Hello cat_aunty, I try my best not to be seen when practising ya? Thanks for the reminder. = )

- Maomao