Friday, September 29, 2006

We miss Maomao (also known as Nana) very much so we went to visit her again last night.

She is looking very much better. No tantrums so far. And she talk less too.

Maomao: " long more must I be here... I miss home."

Maomao: "But food is delicious here though...Yum."

This is Nemo, the resident cat of the clinic. She is so gentle-tempered and friendly. Very very comfy with human. Continued to sleep while we pat her. She is very heavy! Haa.

This is the very cute kitten. He is still there. Still so playful ever. He is just so adorable.

This is Nurse Y's Dachshund pet dog, Rex. He has been castrated and is resting.

We felt very sad when we saw this almost blind cat. We were very touched to learn that Dr. N adopted this cat 'cos she knew nobody would.


cat_aunty said...

Whah what happen to the kitten?? When will Maomao be discharged? Tubbs leh?

cat_aunty said...

I say, Maomao has very pink and clean nose!!

Celeste Lock said...

Hi cat_aunty, we hope Maomao can be discharged by this weekend, either 7th or 8th Oct. She's been in there for so long already. Yep, Maomao is a beautiful cat with a nice pink nose. = )

You mean the black & white semi-long fur cute kitten? The vet is helping SPCA to temporarily foster him (I assumed it's a boy) until I don't know when. He seemed very healthy & very playful & yes, very cute.

Tubbs is recovering well under the care of M & her family (my kind neighbour). He's eating well & looking so much better though still wheezing a little.