Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Pinky has been discharged and released last night. His friend, Siam was around when we released him.

Pinky, 11 Jun

I'm beginning to find all cats handsome and pretty. Pinky looks statuesque in this pic. : )

Nemo and Terry were both discharged as well but still require medication.

Jay Boy (the one who fell from 4th floor) was not in the clinic anymore. We think he has gone home.

The feral pigeon has been discharged last night too. The driver (who injured it unintentionally) has shown up but I didn't get to meet him else I would like to tell him how nice he has been.

The 2 girls from 829 were released too (after sterilisation on Fri, 8 Jun).

It's a night of homecoming.

These are some of the cats at 829 last night.

11 Jun 07

11 Jun 07

11 Jun 07

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