Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As expected, Nana has to be hospitalised. Dr H said the hole is likely from a bite puncture wound sustained in a cat fight.

Nana's wound will be stitched up today.

If all goes well (meaning if Nana behaves herself by not removing her collar and yanking the stitches off like the last round), she should be able to go home on 07-07-07. Nice date huh.

Nana, 25 Jun 07

I visited E's community cat, Smokey, who was warded for an eye condition. Smokey lives in Telok Blangah. Smokey will be going home tonight.

Smokey, 25 Jun 07

Some of the patients at the vet:

Ah kow, warded for diarrhoea and vomitting

4-mth old Tommy warded for Diarrhoea and dehydration

And Princess, the rabbit for some limb injury

On the same night, we released Fiercy from 829 (she was in for sterilisation). We were told by the auntie and uncle who feeds the cats at 829 Fiercy's kids missed her. Fiercy so named as she is rather fierce. Even as I took her pics, she flattened her ears and hissed.

Fiercy, 25 Jun 07

We met Sunshine, Fluffy-tail and little cute Felix. Sunshine and Fluffy-tail were the first two from 829 we sterilised. Little Felix is too young to be neutered.


Little Felix and Fluffy-tail

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cat_aunty said...

Wah, Fiercy, wah, erm, got character....