Monday, June 25, 2007

Nana is wounded

Dear Nana was found wounded yesterday. M gave a frantic call to me and alerted Nana's situation. We think she has been in a fight. M's dad sprinkled some antiseptic powder on Nana's wound but Nana licked them all away. Uncle Y also put on some antiseptic powder to be all licked off again. I've asked them not to sprinkle anymore powder for the time being cos I think the powder smarts and that irritates Nana. I'm worried the more she licks the wound, the worse it will become.

We will bring Nana to Dr H tonight. Other than the raw, wet gaping hole which is bigger than a 50 cents coin, she looked alert and well this morning when I saw her.

My guess is Nana may need to be hospitalised - we'll see how. More on Nana after we visit the vet.

Nana, 25 Jun 07 morning

The wound, 25 Jun 07 morning


lingcat said...

Get Well Soon, Nana!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Nana! Not again!

cat_aunty said...

Don't mean to alarm you, but it doesn't look cat inflicted

Reed said...

what did the vet say about your cat? Yesterday we noticed a little hole on our cat with a lump off to the side. Today all of her hair is gone and a huge hole is there along with the small one (looks like the one on your cat). The cat is eating and is acting normal. Just thought I might be able to get some info before we take her to the vet tomorrow.