Monday, October 09, 2006

Update: Maomao

Dr. N even plastered the collar but to no avail.

This is bad. Very bad. My poor Maomao has to be hospitalised longer than expected.

She has spent the 17th night at the vet as of today. Dr. N just called me to inform that Maomao has ripped her collar off again (for the third time) and yanked off two of her five stitches (which Dr. N decided to put in the stitches after the second time her collar was ripped off to prevent her open wound from getting bigger). Good grief! We have already tried ways and means to "tighten" the collar but still, Maomao is intelligent enough to figure out how to counter strike. I think Maomao is extremely restless and frustrated after being cooped up day and night for so long. I wish she could be discharged soon.



cat_aunty said...

Oh Maomao. Please lah, be a good girl. Don't rip the stitches out again.

Hot(M)BC said...

Poor MaoMao. We hope she heals up and gets to come home soon!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Oh, Maomao! I just read of your terrible plight. Do try to behave so you can go home sooner. Do you haf enough toys?

My woman's first cat was a fighter who got absesses a few times. One had to be drained and a wick put in. Then the woman had to drip antibiotics into the wound at the top of the wick and wipe up the ooze coming out the bottom. YUCK!