Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mocha is missing!

Manja Mocha

I received a call from a very worried Aunty Lucy two days ago - she has not seen Mocha for one whole week! She sounded like she was almost in tears and confided in me that she fears for the cat's safety. "She could be trapped somewhere! It's not like her to disappear. She'll wait for me every evening by the bench for dinner." she said sadly.

Left: Toffee, Right: Mocha

Aunty Lucy feeding the girls

Thinking back, I last saw Mocha on Mon, 13 Mar and have not seen her since. Hmm. I agree it's unusual for her to go missing for such a long period. She's at the park (Robinson Green Park along Cecil Street) everyday. I tried looking for her last evening and this morning - no sign. The other resident cats, Toffee and Orange-Boy were around. Hope Mocha's safe and sound. I hate it when they disappear suddenly. I'll look for her again later after work.

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