Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cats behind temple

There are quite a number of community cats where I work. Most are congregated near Amoy Hawker Centre, Siang Cho Keong Temple & Ann Siang Hill area. Sad thing is, most are unsterilised. This pic was taken in the evening behind the temple. The three pairs of green eyes belong to a mummy cat and her two kittens (mummy's on the bottom right). One of her kids was lying on top of her - so cute.


CatDonna & Cats said...

Very cute! Sweet and slightly eerie. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Hi, came across your blog while surfing for cat stuff. I work in that area too and the cleaner uncle at my office told me that some pple (ava? pest control?) are rounding up the cats at Amoy hawker centre. So do watch out for those poor kitties. He said those pple said the cats bring disease!! Saw some one laying a cat trap to trap the cats at Maxwell road yesterday. The cleaner uncle not so helpful when i asked what happened to the trapped cats.


Celeste Lock said...

Catdonna: Yeh a little eerie on pic but actual scene quite lovely. The kids were so adorable and curious and mum was cautious.

Rose: Really?! Someone trapping cats at Maxwell Rd? Hmm. Write me at celestelock@hotmail.com and we can further discuss.