Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tango: Can somebody help me?

On my way home this evening, I found a malay aunty and her daughter feeding a very hungry young and skinny ginger kitten (I've decided to name her "Tango"). I was told one of her hind legs is injured. They were right - Tango moves around by dragging the bad leg with her three better ones and is slow in mobility. Pitiful sight. She can never run in time if a car reverse towards her. I knew that moment I couldn't not help Tango.

Note the left hind leg

I asked if they can keep her but was told they can't as they already have three hostile cats at home and their neighbour is already very unhappy. I could understand their predicament. They were at least kind enough to bother feeding her. My home is not an option for caring an injured kitten as I have two doggies (one of which is very active). After much persuading, mother and daughter (very kind young lady) agreed to help me look after her for only two days, however, Tango has to be confined to a cage outside their flat (I mentioned earlier her cats are hostile). I've requested for the cage be sheltered from heat and cold by using towels. Good to note the cage was spacious enough for Tango. At least for tonight, Tango sleeps safe. I cannot bear leaving this little one in her condition on the streets, it's against my conscience. I will arrange for her to see a vet asap. Tango's situation now warrants a much higher priority for a foster home than Pixie.

I have only two days to act - can somebody help? Write me at celestelock@hotmail.com or call me @ 97670958.

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lambj said...

I can't really "help", but I knew a kitten here in Wisconsin, USA that was injured similarly. Cricket had a numb front leg, probably from a car. She dragged it but couldn't feel it or move it. The vet insisted amputation was necessary because she could injure herself very badly and not know it. Also, the leg can slowly die, killing the cat. The leg was amputated and Cricket was adopted thru our humane society. I hope your poor little friend finds a happy solution!