Thursday, March 30, 2006

Black kitten with sore bottom

7.20pm - Received a call from Aunty Lucy. I thought there's news on Mocha but no, she said a black kitten she has been feeding has been having this reddish sore bottom for a few days already. It is still eating well but is starting to limp in its hindlegs. Now this reminds me of someone...Tango, only he did not have sore backside. Hmm. Wonder what's wrong with the black kitten. Aunty Lucy asked if I will help her bring the kitten to see a vet. I told her I will but will need to make some arrangement as I'm on leave this week to study for an exam due next week.

10.30pm - Been doing a little research over the internet. Sore bottom could indicate diarrhoea. Maybe black kitty has diarrhoea...? If it is, hope it's not dehydrated! I'll have to squeeze some time out to bring it to the vet tomorrow, can't wait.

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