Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pixie is sterilised

As scheduled, I had Pixie picked up from the vet on Fri morning. Good to note she was transferred to a bigger confinement area after surgery as the carrier she was brought in with was not exactly spacious. My intent to foot the bill was unexpectedly declined as the booking was made under vegancat's name (despite my numerous explanation I was merely borrowing his slots). Instead of haggling over this and extend Pixie's discomfort in the carrier, I decided to just leave it and head home. I will arrange to settle Pixie's portion of bill with vegancat separately.

I had Pixie settle down in one of the vacant bedrooms with water and a cat litter box. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that she actually knew where to relieve herself. Fed her some food which she didn't finished. As I excused myself and closed the door to the room, Pixie started to cry loudly, as if to tell me not to leave her alone. However, she quieten down after a while and I assumed she went to sleep. Her appetite improved on her second feeding - good sign. I made it a point to visit her once every two hours to make sure she was ok.

Pixie found an old damaged velvety chair as her resting spot which also doubled up as her scratching post. In just a day's time, she eventually got used and so comfortable in the room she didn't really want to come out at all! Ha.

She's due to be released on Sun afternoon. I'm a little sad she has to wander in the streets once more but at least, she's now sterilised. Will continue feeding her and at the same time, I pray hard her fate would not be like one of Cotton's.


auntie p said...

Pixie is a smart cat, and so pretty too!

geraldine said...

Pixie feels grateful to you .. :)

Celeste Lock said...

I think Pixie will make a very good home cat. Pity she has to be released onto the dangerous streets again...really breaks my heart. If you know of any committed adopters, pls have them consider her... = )

Moglee said...

I believed Pixie was confused. She probably thot she found a home. Look at her behaviour when she was at your house. She was clearly happy. Hence the hesitation when you brought her back to her original place.