Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pixie: Trapping Successful!


Trapping Pixie was a breeze last evening - she was in the carrier in under 30 seconds. She's such a great girl, so cooperative but did cry pitifully and loudly when she finally realised she wasn't going to be let out of the carrier. I kept apologising to the cabby for her loud protests and managed to rush her to the vet by 8.20pm. Met Vegancat and Carol there - they had with them a younger cat (than Pixie). Vegancat said he'll pick his cat on coming Monday if it's a female. I'll probably pick Pixie up on Friday morning.

When I got back, I went hunting for Maomao and Cinder. Cinder was the first to appear but was disturbed when Maomao appeared 2 minutes later. Cinder gave a hiss and sprang off to the block behind. Maomao then took over Cinder's dinner.


I went to the block where Cinder escaped to and fed her dinner. She apparently still feels uncomfortable and kept peeking up once every few seconds, probably to ensure that Maomao wasn't anywhere near. Poor girl - she must be a very insecure-feeling kitty. I have this feeling that Cinder is the sibling of Buttons (who is now at MettaCats). Sadly, their mummy, Pebbles is gone, possibly rounded up together with Sootie (Buttons and Cinder's daddy) and Cotton.



Cat said...

Congrats Celeste! & many more successful ones to come. :)

jennifer_yq said...

hi, i am just curious why those community cats in ur areas have collars?

=^..^= said...

Hi Celeste,

It was very good meeting you today. :) Thank your for the lovely lunch. The food was really yummy! Must share with me the name of the caterer.

Pixie is a such a sweet cat. Are you planning to release her or on adopting her out?

And good luck with the coming together of the Tampines volunteers. Strength in numbers I say! May your voices echo loudly in your TC. ;)

~5-Cat Style

Celeste Lock said...

Hi Cat - thanks. I hope to have many more successful sterilisations. Yeah!

Hi Jennifer - I live in Tampines where the pest control co. is real active in rounding cats up so I collar the cats I take care of so it gives signs that they are "owned". But sometimes, sad to say, these people don't care. Btw, the collars I use are the safety buckle kind.

Hi 5-Cat Style - it was great meeting you too. I have plans to get Pixie adopted but for now, she's back onto the dangerous streets. I can't keep her at home because of my two doggies. If you or someone can help foster her, let me know ya? Tkx. = )