Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pixie was across the road when she sighted me last evening. In her excitement, she attempted to dash across the two-lane road to greet me. Luckily, I managed to reach her before she could put her paws on the road. Phew. Fed the hungry little thing her helping of dinner. Then Cinder came along, wanting to be fed too. Both ended up eating noisily and contentedly. I think I want to get a collar for Cinder soon.

I'm scheduled to send Pixie to the vet tonight for her sterilisation. Hope she'll be there for me as usual this evening.

Maomao was around last evening too. She meowed merrily and descended the stairs when she saw me. I understand from the teenage daughter of a neighbour (second floor) Maomao sleeps outside their unit at night. There were two occasions I found Maomao waiting for me outside my very own unit on seventh floor! Wonder how she found her way up - amazing.

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jennifer_yq said...

cats are born of the community cat that i named nana also used to come outside my unit on three occasions to eat... i never use the stairs to walk to my unit and i live in the 8 floor so it must cat's 'ESP' that allow nana to find me... nana is missing for two months now..really miss her.

i am currently feeding two community cats due to unnecessary complaints by the residents in my area..and i need to feed them after ten pm...