Thursday, March 16, 2006

Maomao is one lucky cat. She has so many admirers at my blk. 2nd floor of middle blk, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 7th floor (that's me!) of corner blk. There may be more.

I was playing with her last night after her dinner when I met Uncle Osman (3rd floor of corner blk) and we chatted. Then a pair of middle-age chinese couple went into the lift and Maomao promptly got up and enter the lift as well! The couple explained, "She's the 2nd floor cat". Ooo. Me and Uncle Osman decided to kpo. We took the lift up to 2nd floor and found Maomao strolling along the corridor. Uncle Osman called out to her and she came strutting into the lift. Then they got out together on the 3rd floor. Uncle Osman said he'll bring her down later.


Pixie has this habit of crying once I head for the lift. She probably hates the idea of me leaving her alone. Pains me to hear her do that. She and Cinder are not as lucky as Maomao. They only have my love.



Managed also to feed Belle though she's still very nervous but allowed me to get closer than before. She's about 1.5 size smaller than Maomao and looks rather like her, except Maomao's prettier.

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animalfamily said...

so nice to have neighbours who don't mind cats walking around the corridor. mine will shoo with broom, bang door shut until i have to put moth balls out there so that the cat won't come up and kena complain!