Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Snowy - Update - 11 Jul 07

As planned, we visited Snowy tonight and spent some time with her.

Snowy, 11 Jul 07

She has been moved from the normal ward to the isolation ward - she has flu. We believe Snowy got the flu bug from the cat hospitalised above Snowy's cage in Dr. A's clinic. Unlike Dr. H who has an isolation room, Dr. A does not separate cats with flu from the others. We could hear Snowy snorting due to her blocked nose. Sigh.

We let her out of her confinement in the isolation room to exercise. She could walk more steadily now. She is also eating, with assistance.

Clip 1
Clip 2

When I carried her, I could only feel her bones. She was by far, the skinniest cat I've met.

G and I were told something unexpected. Dr. H suspects Snowy may have Feline Leukemia or Feline Immunodeficiency Disease (FIV). Snowy developed new sores on her face (between the eyes). There are also scabs on her paw. These may be caused by the immune suppression of Feline Leukemia. Dr. H will run some tests (FeLV & FIV) in the next few days to determine if her suspicion is true. Of course, G and I hope her suspicion is untrue.

New sores appearing.

Snowy resting.

Snowy, feeling tired.

We deposited the first batch of kind donations with the vet. Before we left, we told Snowy to take care. Then we heaved a sigh of melancholy, forced a smile, bided goodbye and left, with heavy hearts. When will Snowy's suffering cease?

We will visit Snowy again over the weekends. More updates then.


jules said...

Sure hope that Snowy doesn't have FIV or FELV...she has enough problems already. Be strong, Snowy, and get better soon !

EJ. said...

Glad that Snowy is doing well but suspected Feline Leukemia is worrysome.Is it curable?

5Cats said...

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animalfamily said...

wonderful what u r doing for snowy