Sunday, July 08, 2007

Snowy, 7 Jul 07


Snowy can walk! Snowy can stand and walk now! Both G and I gasped in extreme delight when we visited Snowy last night. That moment was very emotional.

Snowy, 7 Jul 07

Snowy must have felt the loving prayers and encouragement from all of you. We were told she is also eating much more now, with help from the loving nurses who spoon-fed her patiently. She is also looking more alert and we heard her meow for the first time! It was lovely music to our ears. What we heard past few days were only groans and moans.

Snowy, 7 Jul 07

The following clip is a short glimpse to Snowy walking around in her 'room'. She has not regained full mobility as you can see. She still fumbles from time to time but compared to the beginning, this marked a significant improvement.

Short clip of Snowy walking!

Aren't you like us so very happy for Snowy? : )

We're motivated to continue this arduous but full of love's journey, hand in hand with Snowy. Stay with us.


VeganCatsg said...

Wonderful news :)

meekie said...

Seeing Snowny showing good signs of recovery brings tears to my eyes... T.T

Addoil little girl!

Any news on her kitties? :(

EJ. said...

So very happy for Snowy! to watch her getting better and better.She could hold her head up.
Let's the healing continues.
Great job at the clinic.

jennifer said...

wound on her head looked dry... that is good. snowy, be strong