Sunday, April 22, 2007

White Socks - The Sequel

This is White Socks.

This is White Socks-lookalike. Very similar right?

Dr. H and crew did not managed to vaccinate White Socks last night. All of them were either scratched or bitten by her. Nurse Y mentioned that White Socks is alright when not touched, but once someone tries touching (or gently grabbing) her, she'll go berserk. Strange thing is, White Socks is usually gentle. Perhaps she is afraid of strangers and the environment.

Another startling discovery - White Socks is microchipped. She is very likely to be an adopted cat from SPCA. Nurse Y will help me find out more when she visits SPCA coming Mon. We'll get SPCA to help contact the owner to find out what has happened. We're hoping the owner genuinely lost White Socks - we'll be more than happy to reunite them. Otherwise, we have another abandonee.

When we released White Socks, she ran to a blk we don't manage. We saw another sterilised cat who looked so much like her, with the 'batman' look. So in all, we have 3 'batman' cats in our area. The third is a home cat owned by an elderly malay uncle who allows him to come out.

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cat_aunty said...

Poor Sockxy, being abandoned like that