Thursday, April 19, 2007

White Socks

A new "resident" at the clinic - the SPCA dog.

We sent White Socks, a female to the vet last night for spaying today. She is a newbie found recently at my estate area.

I received a call at 4.00pm today from the nurse who said "White Socks is already sterilised leh."

? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

Fortunately, White Socks' belly has not gone under the knife yet. The vet saw an old scar on her belly and a tiny tattoo inside her ear when examining her after she was sedated.

I am thankful the vet was meticulous. Otherwise, poor White Socks will spend unnecessary hours recuperating for an op she doesn't need.

I have requested for the nurse to have the vet tip White Sock's left ear since she is still under sedation when we spoke. Conclusion I derived - White Socks must be an ex-home cat who was abandoned. Sad.

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