Monday, April 23, 2007

Shiro is hospitalised

My neighbour, M's cat, Shiro (who is Nana's son) is hospitalised on 21 Apr, the same night we discharged White Socks. He has not been eating well for the past few days and has been diagnosed with diabetes a couple of months back. This is his 4th review with Dr. H.

Shiro has to be put on the drip and has to start his insulin jabs. It will be twice daily jab for Shiro for the rest of his life. Poor boy. Lucky for him, he has a loving family.


cat_aunty said...

Sweet sweet Shiro, take care!!

Celeste Lock said...

Thanks cat_aunty. We all hope Shiro can come home soon. : )

lingcat said...

Shiro has got a very sweet expression.

Send my regards to him!

auntie p said...

Poor Shiro, stay strong , ya?

Shiro has the cat idol idol-ish cute!