Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Velvet & Yoyo

I was having dinner with my colleagues last night when Velvet's foster mummy called to inform that Velvet has difficulty defecating and has been crying. My heart sank. It sank and sank and sank...I may have to bring him to see the vet again.

An injured Yoyo hiding

Poor little kitten

Then on my way home, I found another young black & white kitten (at where Hazel is) limping rather badly. Her injured or broken leg is held very high up. I decided to name her Yoyo. A malay couple (husband & wife) was feeding her. They told me she was still alright two days ago. She was such a frightened little thing maybe because she was in pain as the injury is still very new. She hid herself inside one of the aircon compressor compartment (the door was locked) by crawling through the gap at the bottom. The couple confided in me they cannot afford to treat her as the husband has just got retrenched. They help what they can by feeding them. Seeing that Yoyo is not going to emerge at least for the night, I told the couple to try keep her if they can get her next day. Then I'll see how I can help though I really don't know how now that I'm worrying so much over Velvet. They agreed and we exchanged numbers. They also told me they think a few cats are being abused nearby the multi-storey carpark where the market is. One of the cats has very bad cuts on its backside and skins are peeling. Ohh...

When I reached my blk, a fellow caregiver called to ask about the situation and to lend me encouraging words. At that moment, I felt so weary, drained out, stressed and totally overwhelmed I wept and wept and wept. From Cotton to Pixie to Tango to Mocha to Velvet to Twinkle and then now Yoyo. It was all so stressful suddenly, especially Velvet's case.


calsifer said...

I know this is going to sound superfluous, but take care of yourself, Celeste.

It's never easy to deal with these things. But you try to do what you can, that's what matters most.

I guess you know who and where to go for help? The abuse suspicion sound serious.

Our best to Velvet and Yoyo, and everybody.

vegancat said...

Look at today(16th April)'s photos of Velvet at
tag - velvetsingapore