Thursday, March 23, 2006

Still no sign of Mocha

There's still no sign of Mocha until today.

Aunty Lucy called last evening again to check if I have better luck than her. She was disappointed to receive a negative response and lamented "Hai. She must be dead lor. If not, why is she not around? So many days never eat already not hungry meh? Or maybe she knocked down by car? Very heart pain leh."

*SIGH* I told her I will check with the sweeper the next time I see him. Maybe he will have some news. "Ya lor ya lor, you ask him ok, then update me." Aunty Lucy said with a tinge of hope.

I guess knowing what happened (even if Mocha's dead) is better than not knowing what has happened. I'm now going through the same feelings when I first lost Cotton - until now, I'm still not sure if she's alive.


jennifer_yq said...

when nana(one of my community cat) went missing, we did everything we could to try to locate her..we called authority, asked the sweeper and walked around the nearby blocks dozens of the end, we just said to ourselves that maybe someone adopted nana..this may be the case of mocha..maybe someone like mocha and adopted her..

Celeste Lock said...

I wish it was the case Jennifer but... hai.