Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Max & Moo Moo

I was pretty ill over the past few days and finally found the chance to bring Max to Dr. H last evening. He has been warded tonight so that his two decayed molars can be extracted today or tomorrow. On top of that, he is infested with fur mites. Poor boy. He must be in alot of discomfort and pain. Dr. H gave him a jab to reduce his pain and also applied revolution to tackle his fur mites. He would have to stay for a couple of days until he is well enough to be released.

Judging from the number of teeth left, Max may be older than we thought.

I took the chance to say hello to dear Snowy but she was already soundly and sweetly asleep. I decided I shan't disturb her. :)

I also met Moo Moo, a 6-months old little boy who suffered multiple injuries (maybe fractures included) from being dragged by a car - how awful! I gasped (literally) in horror when I saw how he was injured - why can't some drivers be more vigilant?! Depsite the bandages and stitches, Moo Moo was still spirited and gave a few feeble meows when he saw me. Soon after, he drifted off to dreamland, twitching once in a while - I assumed from the pain/discomfort. The sight of him broke my heart. I hope he gets well very soon. Whoever rescued him (maybe the driver??) deserved commendation.

(I'm trying to get his pic uploaded here. Gimme some time to figure out how my mobile bluetooth works).

Someone brought in a small sparrow with broken wing. So kind of the person. I hope little sparrow will be able to spread its wings and fly again and rejoin his family.

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jules said...

Mr L brought in the sparrow as a couple of his naughty community cats attacked the poor sparrow. He was so anxious when he found the little birdie & called me as he was rushing in to the clinic :-) Very kind-hearted fella. I hope u are well recovered by now and hope Max will be out and about soon too.

Moo Moo was literally mooeowing away which caught my attention when i was there. Very sweet cat. Snowy was also settling down for the night, so i did not play much with her. Did u see Squeakie, the ginger boy, there? Were u there on Mon? That same night, i brought in Hardee, a black+white boy. All newbies in my area, unsterilised, sigh...