Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The pest control strikes again

The pest control strikes again.

This morning, I received this disheartening message. Areas first hit was Sunplaza and 400+. Apparently, a feeder stop them somewhat and they moved on. TC denied activating from what I understand.

When is this vicious, unproductive cycle going to end?

I forwarded the info to my neighbours and fellow caregivers, hoping they'll keep an eye and count on their charges. Most of the cats at my area are collared and tagged with contact details. I hope the pest control - if they do come by - hesitates - about trapping them.

It really irates me that despite the voluntary efforts we put into sterilising and caring for the homeless four-leggeds, there are still human beings who are so unfeeling and unappreciative. Whatever happened to their hearts?


jules said...

In this cold-hearted society, i wonder when the day will come that the old, the handicapped, the homeless and the unemployed are considered as "pests" to be rounded up and put out of sight...

Anonymous said...

good to see you back, posting after a 3months break.

Kelly Crost said...

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