Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Snowy - Will You Help Her?

As planned, we turned up at Dr. A in the morning. G had called in advance to inform them we will be disharging Snowy and requested for the x-rays to be provided.

G was already at Dr. A when I was on my way. I was alerted by G via sms the bill was $480!

The bill from Dr. A. [click on pic to read contents]

Examination Summary (from the bill):

HBC- Suspected trauma to the cranial region. Multiple degloving injuries around the forehead and face.
Blood test - Liver dysfunction confirmed (likely due to impact). Mild anemia.

1) To monitor for epilepsy and/or other cns signs.

2) Hospitalise for observation and treatment - given injections of antibodies and Vit B complex and liver tonic daily. Please refrain from giving any steroids in lieu of liver damage!

3) Please review liver function after medication.

LIVER DAMAGE?!?!?!?!?!
Again, we were not told at all that Snowy sustained liver damage! What we were told on the day of admission was (1) she has no spinal injury (2) no bone fractures (3) no internal injury to her organs.

The blood test for liver dysfunction was performed either on 1 Jul or 2 Jul. Dr. A called G on 3 Jul, he didn't mention anything on liver damage (on top of not mentioning the abrasions and sores).

When we asked him, he said "I've informed you (on day of admission) I'll be doing some blood tests on her to check for liver dysfunction right? You mean I didn't confirm the results with you?". We said "NO". To be honest, we both don't recall him saying so. We were flabbergasted.

He then reminded us not to give Snowy any steroids and mentioned Snowy is getting slightly better (sorry to say but in my opinion, she looked worse). We both rolled our eyes and left, not wanting to question anymore for fear of prolonging Snowy's sufferings. We had to get to Dr. H quickly.

Dr. H checking Snowy. She said Snowy is a young adult, about 18 months. We briefed Dr. H the case.

Dr. H assessing Snowy's head wounds.

X-ray #1: Dr. H suspects there is trauma to Snowy's spine at her neck area. It is unusually caved in. This probably explained why she is unable to hold her head and keeps collapsing.

And Dr. A ruled out that possibility!!!

X-ray #2: No fractures on her limbs.

This is the position of Snowy when she's lying down. Note the unnatural angle of her head tilt.

Poor Snowy cannot hold her head up. G had to gently support her.

Padding her confinement area as much as possible to keep her comfortable. She will be fed via intravenous catheter.

Snowy is still trying her utmost to stand. She is still crashing all over in her confinement cage but this time, the paddings were there to cushion the impact. G and I were concerned about further trauma if she persists so Dr. H may sedate her lightly (if necessary) to calm her so she could rest. We will leave the medical decisions to Dr. H because we have faith in her.

This time, we left the clinic feeling comforted that Snowy is now in good hands. Our wish is to see her stand without falling again.

We are sincerely appealing for financial support to assist Snowy in her long road to recovery. Please contact if you wish to help Snowy stand again. Alternatively, if you would like to help but cannot do so financially, you can keep Snowy in your prayers. Snowy and us will appreciate the same.

Heartfelt thanks in advance.

Hugs from,
the voices for Snowy


Benjamin Fuzz said...

i can't help financially, but there are definitely prays and purrs coming from our home in seattle, washington. i'm glad you have a doctor who you trust...even more so after one that is not trust-worthy!

ben fuzz

EJ. said...

So sorry to know about Snowy's multiple injuries.
Good to see that she is in good care under Dr H. and her cage are padded up too.
Let's do our best to reduce her pain and suffering and help her in the road to recovery.

Kitti & family said...

Hi from Australia! Great job you are doing for Snowy and other cats too.

A question. Can you accept international financial contributions via paypal or other service? A regular bank transfer is slow and service fees take big part of the monies.

Wishing all the best to Snowy and yourself too!

jules said...

Hi, i just got to know about your blog recently. The earlier horrifying chapter about Snowy being further traumatised at Dr A's clinic made my tummy churn and turn. Being a cat-lover and cats-owners myself, this is a terrible nightmare. Snowy, her kittens and all of you will definitely be kept in my prayers. By the way, were her kittens ever sighted again?