Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two missing cats. Two new cats.

The unsterilised young newbie

I saw two new young cats on my home last night. My neighbour, M saw them an hour before I did. She said one was sterilised and the other, not. I think they both are boys. I can't be sure of their genders as they are both very jittery. I returned 3 hours later to find the unsterilised one still there. This morning both were not seen.

Nana spotted OJ

On the other hand, Nana is well but seemed to be on high alert with Tubbs' absence. It's hard on her to defend the entire territory (my blk) herself. OJ and Mi (aka Cinder) were spotted at my blk. Uncle Y had to bring them back to their own territories. Hours later, OJ appeared while Nana was having her dinner and the hissing started. I had to make an SOS call to Uncle Y (who was in the vincinity) to quickly bring OJ away as I held on to Nana (to prevent a fight).

Tubbs is missing

I wonder what happened to Tubbs.

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