Friday, May 04, 2007


I have decided to name the young unsterilised tabby cat at my bus stop 'Shadow'. It was perched on the tree yesterday night when I saw it. Still wary. Shadow has beautiful markings.

This is Toto, the sterilised newbie at Taro's territory. She's the one Tubbs was pretty fond of.


Taro is quite fine with her but Toto will hiss at Taro when he comes too near. Perhaps Taro has taken a liking to her?

Toto and Taro


Mi (aka as Cinder)

Miki with OJ

Miki and Mi on the tree

Mi, Miki and OJ the 3 boys are getting along fine except mini brawls sometimes do happen between Mi and OJ. Miki is the friendly one, to everybody - cats, dogs and human. OJ is exactly a mini version of Tubbs. He looks so much like the senior. That is why he was named OJ for Oren Junior. Oren is another name given to Tubbs by my malay neighbour. OJ is still unsterilised to-date as he wouldn't allow anyone of us to touch him.We hope to get him fixed soon so he wouldn't roam so much. He has been wandering lately.

Seeing OJ reminds me of Tubbs. I miss him badly. I miss Cas too. They both are still missing. Their disappearances really make my heart ache.

These are the last 2 pics I have of sweet little Cas.

Cas, 27 Apr 07

Cas, 27 Apr 07

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