Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miki will be dearly missed.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have showered me kind words and thoughts regarding Miki. We are less sorrowful now but the heartache remains and will take time to fade. Since Miki's death, OJ and Mi bonded less. Miki was the link to the trio.

I called the police station this afternoon hoping to find out if they had performed a postmortem on Miki but I was not successful in contacting the officer. I will try again.

Meanwhile, I received a call from the TC officer on Wed about 3 complaints.

Case 1: Too many community cats.
Case 2: Feeding upstairs + urination/defecation along corridor.
Case 3: Feeding upstairs + defecation.

These 3 areas are not managed areas. I'm not sure why the TC officer called me (perhaps I was the nearest) but I will try my best to help. However, I am not certain if I can take on 3 cases so I may have to sadly let go if I can't. We'll see.

G and I went to see the complainant last night on Case 3. This is the area of the 8 unsterilised cats. Complainant was reasonable in our opinions. Mrs T resides on the 3rd floor and mentioned of someone feeding on the 2nd floor. She is also concerned about the growing population. The person who feeds on the 2nd floor works in one of the stalls at the coffeeshop down the block. He is the kind malay uncle I mentioned before.

We've asked for Mrs T's understanding and patience to allow us about 3 weeks' time to get the cats (about 10 of them) sterilised. We also said we will speak to the feeder to request that he feeds downstairs and to clean up after feeding. We have promised to visit her a month later to receive her feedback. Before we left, I left Mrs T my contact no. and have told her I will be out of town the next week.

These are some of the cats at the area:

We named this cat Uncle Chocs. He is a sterilised male.

G will, with Uncle Y's assistance start trapping on Thu while I am away.

I was supposed to write about Garfield but Miki's incident came too abrupt. I guess I can only tell Garfield's story when I return from Tokyo next Fri.

Meanwhile, I wish G luck in trapping the 3 cats we have planned for.

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