Monday, April 02, 2007

Why are Nana's nails trimmed?!

M and I realised to our horror last night that all of Nana's nails are trimmed! Now this explained why she was in such an agitated mood - she probably felt defenceless. She'll bite whichever hand went near her. Mine was nearly ripped. Tsk. Why would anyone do that? We have a few speculations:

1) Somebody finds Nana cute and wanted to adopt her. So they trimmed all her nails in case she attacks. However the 'adoption' didn't work out so they released Nana. Nana loves freedom and hates to be confined.

2) Somebody adopted Nana, trimmed her nails, realised many of us were looking high and low, day and night for her, decided to return her cos they felt guilty.

3) Nana scratched someone's stuff outside the unit and that someone decided to trim her nails to prevent further destruction.

p.s. Nana was also limping on her right hind leg.


Mary said...

Could the limping be the result of someone holding Nana's down/tight for the nail trimming?

auntie p said...

Nana must have had quite an adventure when she went missing.

Celeste Lock said...

Hi Mary - I'm not sure what caused Nana's limping... it could be from the fight she had with Tubbs.

Hi auntie p - adventure perhaps to Nana but to all of us who loved her, a nightmare... : )

lingcat said...

It happened to one of my community cat too. Went missing for a few days and came back with over trimed nails.

Nana has got nice eyes, probably that's why someone took her home.